Friday, December 14, 2018

I did it! I got a nursing job! #firstnursingjob #newnursegraduate #newnurseresident

I'm six weeks "on the job", as they say, and have yet to update you all on the fact that I did, indeed, GIT A J-O-B!

As you can tell, I'm excited. My job search, while anxiety-producing, was not all that lengthy, and, in fact, I ended up with my DREAM position!
Me and my pep talk, erryday. 

I can't believe it.

Well, actually, it just all makes sense.

I started out this nursing journey because my life changed with the premature birth of my twyns. I became a NICU mom, and I had no idea what that meant.

Now it is (*cough*) ten years later, and I'm a NICU NURSE! And I, fortunately, know exactly what that means. Especially to parents!

So while I orient on IV 'pump-rate-verify' procedures and positioning intubated patients, I also have the agenda, in the back of mind, to be there for the parents, to encourage them, to celebrate little milestones, and to have their back when times are tough. I hope to get there soon - I think I already have had a few moments - but I'm also trying to continue my training and education as a nurse, so I have to remember that that is my first priority right now.

The story goes - I was interviewing for an Emergency Department residency program in Delaware and very excited about that prospect. I felt, after consultation with my mom and others, that my nursing education would be best served by seeing all there is to see in the E.D., and working with adults first. I knew I loved the NICU, but I also knew that if I started with babies, I would have little adult training, in case I ever wanted to go back.

Well I felt really good about that E.D. interview. I had even completed my "leadership clinical" in the Emergency Department during nursing school and had a few good stories to share about my abilities. I performed compressions, I hung lines, I drew blood, I saw death in the face, I saw opioid overdose, and I was present in mind and ability for all of it. I thought, "The Emergency Department is for me!" It's fast-paced and you see EVERYTHING. I'm here for it!

I discussed with the husband the night before all that it would mean about a two-year commitment to the commute, to gaining my license in another state, to the tired nights...and I said out loud to him, "Well why wouldn't I take it? I mean, the only thing more compelling would be like, CHOP NICU, right?"

Granted, I had not heard from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's recruitment machine since July. This was October.

On THE. DAY. that I got the automatically-generated rejection email (horrible recruitment practices in these hospitals, I have many thoughts about it, but I digress...) I got A CALL - A REAL LIVE PHONE CALL - from CHOP.

"I'm calling to see if you are still interested in a position at CHOP....What is your experience in pediatrics?" (we just say "PEDS", pronounced "peeds", but I wrote it all out for you unindoctrinated folks cuz I'm your friend and I'm telling you an amazing story. You're welcome.)

So I walked her through my clinical experience, discussed the many units I had been through at CHOP, and the clinical professors I had had at CHOP, and finished off with, "but my heart is in the NICU."

And she said, and I quote, "this is for a position in the NICU."

And we chatted a bit more and I said, "WHAT ARE NEXT STEPS?" And she laughed and we knew that a week from now we would be engaging in another phone conversation that would lead to my hire.

And that IS IT. I'm HERE. I'm AT CHOP! I'm a NICU NURSE! And someone just point me to the certification exam process because I am DONE. I cannot believe it.

Oh, and did I mention the next week I was scheduled to go to the NICU nurse convention, NANN, to present a research poster?
I felt like a freakin' rock start walking into that convention and telling everyone I was starting at CHOP in two weeks. They were like, "that's where you're STARTING? How did you manage that?"

Um, it was just meant to be.


Oh, and you know I took my mom to my first nursing convention because, um, fun.

That's my story! In case I never update this blog again you know why....I start my first string of night shifts this weekend! Let's hope it doesn't all come crashing down on me then. I'll keep you posted. Cuz you know I'm....

....always trying, always doing....

Love, TwynMawrMom

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