Friday, June 23, 2017

Thoughts on the First Month #nursingschool

Hi guys, been awhile, what's new?

[that is not news, Twynmawrmom, you are always beginning SOMETHING new...]

This TIME I MEAN IT! I'm excited to be in Nursing School and to begin what will hopefully be the career that sustains me into my old age. 
[you are already of 'old age', Twynmawrmom, according to your classmates...]

Yes, yes, tis true, I have thoughts about these youngin's in my cohort...

The Milennials Will Save Us
We here at Generation X have been long reporting that the Milennials are whiny babies who can't take care of themselves, whose childhood lasts to 30 years of age at a minimum, and who are glued to their phones and social media to the point where "socially alone" is now a thing. 
[google it.]

We are taught to think less of the Milennials and to shudder at the thought of all these gorgeous structures we have built to house Academia, Health Care, Government, Social Relationships, and International Relations will come tumbling down if left in the hands of these hipsters and vintage-loving pansexuals. 

WE ARE WRONG. I'm so in awe of my classmates! The majority of which, of course, are in their 20s. There's a sharing. There's a caring. There's a different level of understanding that we Gen-Xers don't have: 

We're screwed, and we're all in this together. 

Having come of age in the era of social media, they are fully aware that their every move is going to be found out. There is no hiding the fact that you were a cheerleader, there is no need to fake that you are not smart because someone somewhere has seen your Valedictory speech on YouTube, and you certainly don't need to delete that post about you drinking on a Friday night. Guess what? 

Everybody is still kinda normal. 

And even if you have a little edge to you, that's kinda normal now, too. 

So why hide your true self and true feelings? Why stand on ceremony? We may as well share in person our feelings, our emotions, and communicate honestly with one another because our true selves are in everyone else's pocket. 

This is amazing! This is revelatory! This is also, the society for which I have been looking for so long. Because I am an over-sharer, and I'm a terrible terrible AWFUL liar, I should have basically been a milennial in my youth. Or I was. But not a lot of other people were. Oh gosh, now I think I shouldn't have my 20s out on Facebook, but then again, even my darkest secrets probably look like everyone else's. 
[no Twynmawrmom, we didn't travel Europe with an experimental theatre group and see THINGS.] 

Yes, yes you did. Be honest. 

Along with the emotional sharing, goes a 'thing' sharing. And by thing, I mean technology, notes, money, carrides, best practices on how to get cheaper materials, etc. I think my generation shared some of these things, but we mostly felt a mandate to be as independent as possible as soon as we left the comfort of our parents' homes. We would not have doled out information or strategies for living readily. When meeting each other for the first time and gathering 'digits', we would DEFINITELY not have just handed the other person our phone so that they could enter them more expeditiously. True story: when I asked my classmate what website we needed to access to order our badges, she just grabbed my computer and began to enter the info. This, was definitely generational. This is definitely a sign that 'what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine and if you need something I can get that for you in my way of doing it more quickly and easily' is actually going to save the universe. 

I have faith in these millennials. I'm impressed.  Now granted, these are all nursing students, so there is a hive mind that's implied from the beginning, but overall I think they see life differently. 

They grew up, also, post 9/11, which was the greatest terrorist act, of my lifetime, on our soil. Now I have shared before that I was in NYC on 9/11, but I don't think it actually changed my way of thinking about the world. I became scared, but not that things could change for me at any moment anywhere in the world. I think there have been enough stories from that day, and subsequent terrorist acts, in these millennials' lives that they are, at the core, much more nihilist. But in a good way? They see their needs at the moment, and their career goals at the moment, as the most important things. They are not living for tomorrow and twenty years from now. And that's not just a twenty-something thing, that's their generation. They have no hope that a traditional life pattern would work for them, or that it even exists anymore. 

Very interesting. 

More to come! 

Oh, and if you thought this blog post was going to be about how much work I have done over the last four-six weeks, I'm just gonna report: A LOT. This is the most challenging bit of academia/training I have ever encountered in my 41 years here on Earth. I like fast, I like challenging, but I believe my brain is being rewired. I feel like opening up the skull, manually reworking the system and putting it back together so as to make it not hurt so much. 

And vaginas. Fake vaginas everywhere. 

More to come on that, as well, I'm sure. 

For me, that's code for happy studying without lecture/lab hours. 

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