Saturday, April 1, 2017

Legoland Discovery Center Philadelphia

I was SO excited to be invited to yesterday's press opening of the Legoland Discovery Center outside of Philadelphia! As you know, we are crazy about Legos, and I'm a very important member of the press, so this was a no brainer. My twyns were at school so obviously I rented a child for the day (my bestie's four-year-old, because all things are better with a four-year-old in tow.)  

It is located at the Plymouth Meeting Mall and we had no trouble finding the entrance: 

This is technically "mall entrance #5", between Boscov's and the food court
We wasted no time enjoying the little touches, including the poles filled with lego bricks. If you are a lego fan, you will not be disappointed.

Upon entering, you can take a photo with a green screen background they fill in later, as with most amusement parks, available for purchase upon exiting [through the gift shop, of course.] The difference with Legoland Discovery Centers, however, is that it is not an amusement park, but rather, an indoor, interactive play zone and movie theater. You can start your visit out with an actual RIDE, though! It's a little train (with easy seating for children of all ages, and I imagine you could even hold a newborn), and you shoot at screens with your Lego "wand" to gain points. Great start to the visit! 
This four-year-old was screaming with glee! And older children would definitely enjoy beating their high scores.
You "pop" the bubbles with your star laster pointer and the points rack up on your seat counter.
Next we hit the Pirate Ship/Playzone. Kids take off their shoes and put them in the bins outside of it. It is a closed crawl space with slides and other features. A typical experience at many birthday party places, the four-year-old had no hesitation heading in and staying in for a while. It reminded me of hanging at the Please Touch Museum with my little ones and wishing there was a Starbucks barista directly adjacent :).

There is a cafe inside the Discovery Center, and at the press event they offered their refridgerated items like yogurts, cheese sticks, carrots, and many drinks. This included a smaller water bottle for kids (perfect!) and an unsweetened iced tea for me! Yay! It looked like they also had the ability to grill/cook different items such as hot dogs and pretzels, but I don't think those were available yet. It would be hard for them to compete with the food court directly outside of the LegoLand, so I don't think you would necessarily eat lunch inside the center. 

Next we hit the 4-D Movie Theater! This was a smaller version of the one we enjoyed at LegoLand Florida. It's called "4-D" because it has 3-D visuals, and adds in a spray of water and mist whenever it correlates to the story happening on screen. We watched a 15 minute showing of "Chima" and she was squealing! She and her neighbors were trying to grab at the images, and laughing whenever they sprayed water. She yelled, "THIS MOVIE IS WETTING US!" Hahaha hee hee hee. Thanks for the magic girlie. 

Other fun features included an Earthquake zone where you can try to build an Earthquake-proof building before turning on the Earthquake rotating plate underneath your creation to test it out. 

Photo credit: LegoLand

A Lego Friends building area: 

Larger than Life Characters: 

The Duplo building area/Bubble Zone: 

In fact, almost every bit of the Discovery Center is a building zone!:

This includes a race car building zone, and a slide down which you can slide next to your creation! : 

I thought the Birthday Party Rooms looked AWESOME, too. This is totally going on my list: 

complete with Lego Birthday Cake

Last, but not least, you will likely see better photos of Philadelphia's own MiniLand, which is just amazing and apparently took 20 Master Builders six months to create the 50 iconic landmarks including: 
You can move Rocky up the steps of the Art Museum with the push of a button! 
You can race your buddy on the Schuykill with the crew boats at the Riverfront!
Ultimate sky scrapers!
This visit helped remind me, among other things, how much fun the mall can be, with its classic carousel and soft playzone for toddlers. Or maybe, how much fun a four-year-old can be! 

I get an award for not throwing up trying to take this photo.
So go have a bricktastic time at Legoland Discovery Center, Philadelphia. It is honestly the best part of the Florida amusement park, especially for Lego Lovers! Here are the details: 

The age ranges they advertise are 3 to 10 and they offer online pricing specials, including a limited number of "first to play" annual memberships at $54 per person (adult or child.)  They will be $59 per person after the official opening on April 6, 2017. A day pass starts at $19 per person online, and $24 at the door. 

Children under 2 are free!  

Minifigures can be traded with team members. 

They estimate 3 to 4 hours for the visit to the 10 play zones. This four-year-old lasted about 2 hours. 

Although I didn't take any pics of the Ninjago play zones, it is very prominent and includes a Ninjago training area that she was able to go in by herself! She said it was fun, but I'm sure my twyns would have been more the target age for the skills it "tested." 

See their site here for further details and to buy tickets. 

Let me know if you enjoyed it, or if you have any questions! 

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