Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Self care is the new black

As much as I would enjoy posting funny stories like, why we got a rabbit versus a dog, or why all college girls get the flu and should stay out of my spin class, this blog as been more introspective for me as of late.
I mean, there's no question WHY we got a rabbit...look at that face! 
My blog needs to move on from its toddler phase! Especially now that the twyns are no longer toddlers! A friend suggested I post more '40 in transition' stories. Well that sounds sad. Maybe: "40 and up", like we are in a cool new bracket for sports.

Today I just wanted to share a story from a yoga class I've been enjoying. It's a late evening class that focuses on only a few poses and has a more meditative bent. So during the final pose the teacher relayed the story that her weekend including traveling and sharing a hotel room with her three children and husband. So, in order for her to stay sane, she needed to quietly wake up twenty minutes before everyone else, steal a corner of the room, and meditate/pose to start her day. She tapped into that feeling for just a short while, and it set her day off well.

I have 'heard tales' of women waking up before their children in order to find that peaceful moment before the chaos begins (and never really believed that bs because like, WHY would you wake up early when you could SLEEP more), but this put it in a different perspective. Perhaps it doesn't have to be a quiet moment, or even an alone moment, perhaps it just needs to be that 'centering mechanism' that you have.

Hmmmm...what do I have...that always centers me and makes me remember who I am?

It's not necessarily meditation....my mind is never quiet enough for that...

OH YEAH. MUSIC. DANCE. SINGING. General annoyingness. THAT'S WHO I AM.

So this morning, after having watched Doctor Strange this weekend and hearing them discuss Chuck Mangione's "Feels so Good", I played it for the children while they ate breakfast and I prepared their lunches (our morning ritual.)

AND IT DID FEEL SO GOOD! It wasn't just music - I have to interact with the music in some way. And just remember that I have music in my soul and it is always there, a part of me. A big part of me. Now that it is no longer tied to my paycheck or self-esteem, it is there for me once again.

My husband has been on a Paleo diet since he got bad cholesterol/triglyceride numbers in mid-January and has been doing great. He feels better, he lost weight, and overall has more energy and all those obnoxious things people say when they make a "lifestyle change."

For my part, I was trying to stay 'grain-light' and 'dairy-light' and 'sugar-light' in support. Also, in an effort to help me lose a little weight too. Of course I haven't lost a pound. I even went full-on Paleo last week for exactly 6 days and pretty much lost the will to live. So we will not be doing that.

So, weight loss is frustrating. What else is new. This week I'm approaching it, not as the scale moves, but as self-care. Why shouldn't I do this FOR ME. Green smoothies, less caffeine, better sleep, workout, meet friends, purchase new workout clothes, FOR ME. Stop in each moment and think, "Do I WANT to be doing this? Will it feel good?"

Any smoothie with banana just tastes like banana so it's a win.
I know I'm not the first person to post about this, but just wanted to share. [as usual.]
[I could basically end all of my blog posts that way, heh heh.]

TO THIS WEEK! Cheers to self-care! I'm sure next week I'll explain why DONUTS FEEL SO GOOD but hey! You never know! :)

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