Thursday, October 13, 2016

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I received a package from the Society of Women Engineers a few weeks ago that I wanted to share with you! I recently had the pleasure of hosting some young women who have just started their college journeys at Villanova University and it got me thinking. One of the six of them was pursuing engineering and she was the most confident in her career path and chances of success. All of us agreed!

SO WHY. Are there so few women in engineering?

[and yes I did prepare a home-cooked meal for six hungry freshmen, 
that's called: domestic engineering]

As a mother of both a young boy and a girl, I would equally encourage anyone to go into a STEM and/or engineering field. But for women, who represent less than a third, and sometimes less than a tenth of engineers in their fields, the firms are looking for you!

What's more staggering, is that, because it is a male-dominated field, women tend to leave engineering and STEM positions as they grow. So they need comrades to make this work.

We have got to get our girls more interested! There are great careers out there but they require exposure.

I know, for one, Radnor Township has a fantastic annual STEM night which the kids have participated in for the last two years. I wouldn't miss it! The kids get to choose four different seminars and each lasts thirty minutes. For two hours they are playing games and participating in demonstrations that all they know of as fun, and meanwhile they are, unbeknownst to them, being exposed to structural, mechanical, chemical, and computer engineering career paths. It's fantastic.

This is what I imagine the upcoming "Invent it. Build it." EXPO at the Society of Women Engineers event at the Pennsylvania Convention Center will be like for girls in 6th through 12th grades. Nearly 2 out of 3 girls who attend say it strengthened their confidence in these skills!!
There are four ways to participate depending on grade level and your interest. Check them out here.

Let me know how it goes! My daughter is only in 2nd grade but we never shy away from these kind of events and are looking forward to it in the future!

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  1. Amen. And good for Radnor and others who help get it started early, because unless the young women have a solid background in math in elementary and middle school, then the chances of success in a STEM field lessen. Hopefully all of the educators who funnel young women away from math, or make discouraging remarks to the young women about higher level math, have gone on to their other-worldly reward.


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