Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Schedule

It has been two years since I've become the type of SAHM who has her 'days free.'  And let me emphasize, as this week's episode of American Housewife so eloquently illustrated, both the words "days" and "free" belong in quotations, because it never ends up being all of 9 to 3, and it never ends up being free. I'm not all 'woe-is-me-my-life-is-harrrd', but a lot of sh** comes up and gets thrown on your plate when the kids enter full-time school schedule. Not to mention we hit upwards of 30 sick days each in our first two years of 180 school days (thank you, tonsillectomy.) So I count approximately 300 days in the last 8 years that have been eligible for doing stuff. Mommy stuff. And ME stuff. There's Mommy. And then there's ME. We share a body. It can be awkward at times.

Hence the reason I started putting my own schedule together. I'd like to share it with you, and basically myself, my-future-me, when I am all misty-eyed about these magical "free" "days." Maybe it will help you get started on organizing what needs to be spelled out in your work-week.

When the twyns started kindergarten, there was what was affectionately referred to in our household as "the musical." That was my primary project that year. For first grade, I started my pre-req's for nursing school. Always leave room for your personal projects, ladies. And I highly recommend a long-term project so that you must devote weekly time to it/yourself. This is "YOU" time without having to spend money at the spa ;)

And of course this is all amidst the making of Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, finishing of homework, baths, reading, TV binges (Alias then and now Call the Midwife), the practicing of piano nearly every day and working out nearly never (injuries, amiright?.) :) 

My day:
Laundry - Bills 
Twyns' laundry (I make them bring their baskets to the laundry room, and I leave them full of clean clothes in their room at the end of the day. They have to put them away.) I do their sheets every other week and put them right back on the beds by the end of the day if I'm lucky.

Computer time: pay bills, trip/holiday planning, catch up on emails

After School with twyns: 
Piano - Soccer
Piano shuffle: I pick up twyns at school with bikes in van. I drive to piano teacher's house and ride bikes with one while the other is in the piano lesson.

The boy's soccer practice: we change into shin guards and cleats in the car and drive straight to soccer that goes from 6-7, or now that it is getting darker, 5:30 - 6:30. We are late as of late.
We are not doing karate at 7 pm during soccer season, obvie.

My day: 
Garbage - Laundry - PTO
Twyns help me by taking an empty garbage bag all around the house and empty the small bins. They then add that to the garbage bins in the garage and take them down to the curb on their way to the bus stop.
I do adult laundry. This is not a euphemism. I fold it by the end of the day and put the baskets in our room. I do our sheets/changing the bed every other week and put the sheets right back on the bed by bedtime.

On the last Tuesday of the month we have a PTO executive board meeting with the principal so I'm dedicating Tuesdays to PTO work: visiting school/paperwork there, emails and paperwork at home for any PTO projects I'm working on (currently the grant proposal and contract with the Walnut Street Theatre residency at school), and looking at field trips/any other volunteer events coming up. I could always use this time to organize a binder for the next person in my job hahahaha hee hee hee that was a good laugh.

After school with twyns: 
Run Club - PREP - Soccer
The boy is in running club; the girl comes home on the bus and we have a snack before picking him up at exactly 4:30 and miraculously hitting PREP classes at the same time. I pick up our CSA in that neighborhood, take it home and divvy it up with my friend, put mine away and pick twyns up at 5:30 and we change shin guards/cleats in car and head straight to girl's soccer that goes from 6-7. I kick the ball with the boy at the girls soccer practice.

We have been hitting Wendy's on the way home. SHOCKING, I know.

My day:
Vacuum - Bathrooms - Meals
Vacuum the whole house (ok somedays this seems like everyday, but at least I have a target day in case I don't do some rooms.)
Clean Bathrooms (same.)
Prepare family meals/grocery shop (is there an echo in here?)

After school with twyns: 
Wednesdays are nice. Sometimes we have a playdate, play with the neighbors, etc, before we hit karate at 7 pm. Plenty of time to practice piano and catch up on homework.

My day:
Volunteer - Social - Projects
Volunteering at the hospital, Social time, Me project time
This year I'm working on a few long term projects before I start nursing school:
a baby clothes quilt, a red-and-white quilt, a down-the-shore quilt for my husband's aunt, the first grade scrapbook, the disney cruise scrapbook (yes, from 2013), and fixing up the basement, including the basement bedroom, which has been uninhabitable up to this point. I'm having fun with this one - thrifting and scrapping to make a shabby chic girl space. Maybe I will live there when my husband and I get divorced because I have no more time for him during nursing school. Anxiety, much?

After school with twyns: 
Our one truly free afternoon. We can make-up karate at 6 pm if need-be, otherwise, we play, do homework, and practice piano. Oh, that's all?
A rare sprinkler-worthy day in October. 

My day: 
Recycle - Tidy up - Vacuum - Projects
The kids help me take the recyclables down to the curb on their way to the bus stop.
I tidy up so we are ready for the weekend. I take some real serious project time - perhaps I plan on Thursdays what needs to be done, shop for materials, and on Fridays, I get to really have fun before everyone is home for the weekend and steals my thunder.
The girl comes home and helps me pick paint colors.

After school with twyns: 
Karate - Dinner

We usually do take-out or go out to eat with Daddy to start the weekend off right.


Soccer Saturdays

Family house projects / yard clean up

Fall festivals / skiing in the Winter / Spring things.

Did this help? I don't think so! Maybe I'll make a chart. How's this:

SPECIAL THIS WEEK: CostcoFlu shots
MONDAYKid laundryKid laundry
Computer timeSoccer
Adult laundryRun Club
PTO projects/emailsPREP
Meal planning/groceries
Me projects
Me projectsKarate
Tidy house/vacuum
SATURDAYFamily timeSoccer games
house projects
yard cleanup

I usually just refer to this "note" in my iPhone and add specifics for each week to help keep me on track. It sounds silly, but I look at it almost everyday!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Society of Women Engineers head toWE16 #swe #womenengineers #philly #we16 #swe

I received a package from the Society of Women Engineers a few weeks ago that I wanted to share with you! I recently had the pleasure of hosting some young women who have just started their college journeys at Villanova University and it got me thinking. One of the six of them was pursuing engineering and she was the most confident in her career path and chances of success. All of us agreed!

SO WHY. Are there so few women in engineering?

[and yes I did prepare a home-cooked meal for six hungry freshmen, 
that's called: domestic engineering]

As a mother of both a young boy and a girl, I would equally encourage anyone to go into a STEM and/or engineering field. But for women, who represent less than a third, and sometimes less than a tenth of engineers in their fields, the firms are looking for you!

What's more staggering, is that, because it is a male-dominated field, women tend to leave engineering and STEM positions as they grow. So they need comrades to make this work.

We have got to get our girls more interested! There are great careers out there but they require exposure.

I know, for one, Radnor Township has a fantastic annual STEM night which the kids have participated in for the last two years. I wouldn't miss it! The kids get to choose four different seminars and each lasts thirty minutes. For two hours they are playing games and participating in demonstrations that all they know of as fun, and meanwhile they are, unbeknownst to them, being exposed to structural, mechanical, chemical, and computer engineering career paths. It's fantastic.

This is what I imagine the upcoming "Invent it. Build it." EXPO at the Society of Women Engineers event at the Pennsylvania Convention Center will be like for girls in 6th through 12th grades. Nearly 2 out of 3 girls who attend say it strengthened their confidence in these skills!!
There are four ways to participate depending on grade level and your interest. Check them out here.

Let me know how it goes! My daughter is only in 2nd grade but we never shy away from these kind of events and are looking forward to it in the future!

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