Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ski lessons #skifamily


So here's what's been going on as of late.

My husband and his father got me outfitted for ski season this year. (Santa outfitted the twyns.)

As you know, they set about introducing me and the twyns to the sport last year, and we thought about it, and we decided this was a nice life-long, family-togetherness sort-of-thing. So I'm going with it. 

In fact, my husband is quite passionate about the sport, and passion I do not see in him often! So I'm game. 

Thusly, I have hit the slopes 5 times this season already! And we plan on more. I'm praying this counts as cross-training, as I have yet to log a double-digit run in 2015 yet, and my marathon (*cough* did I mention I'm signed up for a marathon?) is in May. 

Three. Months. Away. (Ironman is 8 months away, but who's counting...)

But I digress! 

I'm  going to frame this post by a review of the lessons we've received in three Poconos mountains near enough to the Main Line for a day trip! 

1. BEAR CREEK : (about 1:10 drive from Bryn Mawr.)Where Mommy went alone. Twice. I took a Women's Clinic (I missed one of the two sessions) and then went back on a "Flashback" day where lift tix were only $12! This was a great learning mountain, fabulous female instructors and supportive environment, and positively lovely lodge! I would love to hit the slopes & spa sometime for a women's trip. As for the slopes, they were well groomed, but on the small side. This is perfect for me, a beginner moving on to intermediate, but I'm not sure about experts. It has three 'terrain parks', so I think the snowboarders in your life will be super pleased!
The view of Bear Creek Resort on the drive in.

No I'm not nervous.
The view of the resort from the magic carpet.
Our great instructors Mary and Cathy.
First time on the snow for my first skis!
A not so lovely pic of the lovely lodge!
My view most of the morning of the Women's Clinic as we took turns making turns!
That afternoon we got to do more with the coaches on the lifts and trails. 
On my second visit: I was much more adventurous! Hence, the helmet ;) 
2. JACK FROST/BIG BOULDER: (about 1:20 drive from Bryn Mawr.) Where the twyns took a morning lesson two weekends in a row and soared to the next level! On the first day I was extremely nervous and promised the little girl we would take her on her first lift ride in the afternoon. I had a huge fear she wouldn't be able to get all her gear off to go potty. No sooner had we hit the bunny hill for moi before we saw her gleefully getting off the lift with a fellow six-year-old girl! They made such amazing progress the first time we took them back the following weekend and promised the kids we would take them on their first blue square trail. Lo and behold, an hour into my 'lesson' with hubby, the kids were skiing right up behind us on the blue square. So much for mommy's advantage! Cannot recommend these 'snow monster' lessons enough. I actually like that you can't make a reservation, because with kids getting sick and plans changing at the last minute, you never know until you head to the mountain that morning whether you are heading to the mountain that morning. The mountain itself was a fair size, and my husband was able to take some time out to enjoy the advanced trails himself (he ran two trails twice while I did one blue square by myself once.) There was plenty to keep me and the twyns busy and the lifts were pretty fast. 
"Are you guys ready to leave us? Do you have to pee?"
Mini snow-date with my skiing instructor/hubby!
"Follow me Mommy", he says. I couldn't if I tried, dude! And I tried!!
Skiing with Daddy!!
Jack Frost only has double lifts, so there was a lot of one-on-one time.
Girl time! 

***************************SNOW DAY BREAK!!*******************************
The flakes were so large in the last snowstorm you could see their shape! 
I illustrated to the twyns, by example, the fun to be had on our own Twyn Mountain. 
This mountain is relatively close to the Main Line, too ;) 
They are such snow-lovers!! Wasn't I from Florida once upon a time? Who are these people? 

3. CAMELBACK: (about 1:40 drive from Bryn Mawr.) Where we kept our promise that the twyns would not have to take a morning lesson before skiing with Daddy. (Mommy is irrelevant in this situation, as you may have noticed.) And as luck would have it, my father-in-law, the original skier in the family, was able to meet us in a 1:30 drive from northern New Jersey! This is highly convenient from I-80. The mountain is much more substantial than others in the Poconos. There are express quad lifts so the whole family can make it up the mountain very quickly, together. And it will take you longer than five minutes to hit the bottom of the trail. We could have skied "Blue Nile", which was relatively uncrowded and windy, all day. Unfortunately skiing with twyns all day was much more exhausting than the three hours we were used to, so the day promptly ended at 2:30. Following the kids at a slower pace takes different muscles and we were spent! We hit Camelback on Superbowl Sunday thinking it would be uncrowded but we were certainly not alone in our thinking. The express lifts helped ease the pain of waiting in line.

Three generations gear up to ski.
I am geared up with my own Goggles, but not yet my own Helmet! (I have since remedied this situation.)

And they're off! 
Taking a break to eat some candy given to us by the ski patrol.

More line selfies. My kids are pros at this.
"Honeymoon" trail was a particular fave.
Lunch at the Lodge. A nice experience! Even though there was a crowd,
there are multiple cashiers that move things along. 
End of the day special-treat-drink. What are you, twyns? 

So that's our story, currently! Defectors will not be tolerated. We are now in ski country.

And the marathon training starts...mmm...maybe next week! ;) 

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  1. Love it! Definitely going to get our family to one of these mountains next year. Maybe your two can teach my kids at that point!
    Also, my mileage has started to gear up, so let me know when you want to get out for some marathon training. ;)


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