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Mmmmmot-er-vation #linkup #TuesdaysontheRun #TOTR

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This past Fall, the twyns entered kindergarten and I decided to send them off on the bus and head out for a regular morning run. I had, in the back of my mind, the idea that a marathon was in my future, especially if I was going to ever complete an Iron-distance triathlon. Swimming season was over. I gave up my gym membership last year so spinning wasn't an option. I needed a one-sport focus season. So my morning run became more regular and started to get longer and longer.

I set my sights on the "Perfect 10"-miler at the end of October. I really love a 10-miler! Plus, this one had "bow-tie guys"??? Sounded fun. I texted my friends and posted on facebook to see if anyone wanted to do it with me. No-go. A few were working towards their own goal races and the timing just didn't work out. The registration fee was $85, and I put it off, waiting for someone to sign up with me. I've posted before, that after my Half-Ironman, I was less and less interested in training and racing alone. I'm TIRED of it, actually! The little voice inside of me said, "eh. wait for the next one..." So I decided that if I didn't actually sign up for the race, but I did manage to run a 10-miler on that last week of October, that I would reward myself with the $85 registration fee that I didn't use.

Believe it or not, I'm actually really cheap with equipment and I was still running with my half-iron shoes from the previous year. I still have the mindset of a casual racer with a 20-something artists' salary. So I knew immediately what that $85 should go towards! New. Running. Shoes.


All of a sudden I started tacking on more and more mileage each week. The little voice inside of me was like, "shiny new shoes! yippee!" I don't really enjoy running as much as the other two disciplines, so I was really motivated to reach that double-digit mark again. I found myself thinking about the shoes. I found myself hating my current shoes and their dingy color, and dreaming about what running shoes I would get with my little winnings.


I hit my goal two weeks early.

Could I BE any more pink?

Who the hell was that? Um, we are not strapped for cash; I could have gone out any day and bought myself a new pair of shoes. But the goal of it, the reward of it, was super-sweet. It was literally something to run for.

Everyone finds a different motivation: weight-loss, fundraising for a great cause, the bling-bling of the medals, new workout gear...

I register for races to keep me fit, that's one thing for sure.

I also register for races for the bragging rights. I am a performer, at heart, ultimately. I love the cheers. I wear the 70.3 sticker on my minivan like a pair of Jimmy Choos (or what I imagine it would feel like to wear a pair of Jimmy Choos.)

So, whatever your motivation is: DON'T QUESTION IT.

Running, and races, exercise, and fitness awaken your inside 'champion' voice and quiet the 'critic' voice. Whatever that little champion wants, GIVE IT TO HER!!

Then she'll be so happy and chatter away during all of your workouts to keep you company.

For me, last Fall, it was the shoes.

For me, right now, I dunno.

Right now I'm tackling with the daily inner critic versus champion fight over whether or not I can actually finish 140.6 next October and how that 26.2 factors in. In retrospect I wish I had done the Philly full marathon in the Fall instead of the half and gotten it over with! Now I'm incorporating it into my Ironman training and I'm worried about burnout and timing.

So I purchased some vinyl wall decals for my training cave [yes I called it a cave, my new fave term] to help with motivation from this great ETSY shop, and am always thinking about that 140.6 sticker.

From Off the Wall Expression
Maybe I'll get a 26.2 sticker, too.


[who said that?]

This week's writing topic is motivation.
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  1. New shoes can definitely be a motivator! Signing up for races is what works best for me - it keeps me focused! Nice to see a fellow fitness blogger in the Greater Philadelphia area :)

    1. Yes thank you for visiting! We should start a linkup party for philly running bloggers. Love your blog! :)

  2. I definitely see new shoes as motivation!!! I know they would be for me. I signed up for my first Half Marathon as motivation to keep me going all winter. I know that I have to train for it no matter what!

    1. Definitely. Signing up usually works for me and so that's why I turned the fee into the sneakers for the Fall. But right now the race schedule is my compass!! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Lacing up a new pair of shoes is definitely great motivation! I love taking them out of the box, putting them on for the first time, and feeling super empowered by my new running "equipment"!

    1. Like a new mattress, LOL! :) Thanks for commenting.

  4. Love this! Clearly you are highly motivated by shopping, as am I. I love the new stuff! I need new shoes and they might be just the dangled carrot I need to motivate me this week.. Great post! I have twins, too (identical boys that are now 15) and it's a lot of fun and a ton of work. But the pay is good! Wait, never mind;).

  5. New shoes, new clothes...clothes make the runner, right?

    I'm excited to follow your IM journey.

  6. My husband would love it if I waited to get new shoes as a reward, I may have a bit of a running shoe "problem"! I just got a new pair of trail shoes that I NEEDED for a couple of races coming up! Thanks for linking up with us today!


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