Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Longwood Gardens Holiday visit & Santa pics

Friends, I just want to say Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. 
We had a lovely visit to Longwood Gardens over Thanksgiving weekend and I just wanted to share some of the pics. This year, as the twyns were turning 6, we made an effort to go later (2 pm) and stay later (6 pm) so that we could enjoy the Christmas lights. They were beautiful. 

Although, we hyped it up to the kids that it was a "Christmas light show", and my daughter, in her infinite wisdom, quipped, "This is not a light show, this is light bulbs." So be careful of your semantics (although there is a dancing water light show, which was not enough apparently.) 

Because we were bringing the grandparents and making reservations ahead of time, it worked out to just get a year-long membership! Members don't need to make reservations on most visit days (the holidays are a bit different.) Plus, it is mostly tax-deductible. So we look forward to making some Spring and Summer visits there. The train area has been moved closer to the cafe, so this is much more convenient in your roundabout tour of the gardens. 

Also, this year Longwood was named "best restrooms"??? So we had to check this out. Apparently it is a "green" area (off to the right as you enter the Conservatory) and very hobbit-like and cute. 

Lastly, I had to share our Santa pics this year! The twyns were sooooo excited to discuss with St. Nick their year, what they wish for, and what cookies he would like on Christmas Eve. So so so super cute. And no more tears! How could we forget this pic:

Thank you for sharing our world with us. Looking forward to 2015. 

Love and Peace, and Big Hugs [times two]!! 

Ashley @ TwynMawrMom

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