Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Let's play, "find the twyns" ;) 
So, I think I have a sickness. Being from Florida, I seem to think that you can do Disney in a day.

I mean, not that you can, but that you don't have to do an overwhelming all-encompassing tour of all the lands for days on end every time you hit the MCO. I spent my childhood only hitting the area one day a year.

I like the 'mini-trip'!

So when hubby had a hankering, and the kids had a day off from school, we decided to go for one. We hadn't gotten a Disney fix in, oh, say, OVER A YEAR [gasp!] so we just needed a lil' ol' itty bitty fix. Just a lil'.

And since we didn't plan all that much, and this was just a kind of bonus, we decided to try two completely new [to us] parks: Legoland, and Animal Kingdom.

I'll start with Legoland.

First, we are in FULL ON lego "I-want-to-be-a-lego-master-builder-when-I-grow-up" phase. So this was a no-brainer. We read a lot of reports online, [ok ok I read a lot of mommy blogs online] and heard that it is a smaller park and we may be through the whole thing in under a few hours.

But we actually started running out of time towards the end of the day!

We did a few coasters, 
(Most rides are good for 42" and over. We were only too short for one.)

hit a "4-D" movie experience in the theatre,

and all of a sudden it was lunch. 

But we pushed through to enjoy Mini-land, and WHOAH, we could have browsed around there for a long long while.

There are amazing feats of brick-buiding, 
But there are also interactive / moveable parts! 
And the city-scapes, TO DIE.

Sorry. You knew I was going to say that at some point in this post.

So then we ate lunch at the Market Cafe back at the entrance of the park, and we had a delicious set of teriyaki beef rice bowls. Not that bad for amusement park food. My parents are vegetarians and were able to get a veggie rice bowl and grilled cheese and were satiated.

My son was marveling at the Tower ride, which is an old-school ride that goes up and slowly rotates so that you get a view of lovely Winter Park, and I then had it in my head that the water ski/pirate show would be amaze-balls.

Welllllllll.....that's when my husband started to poison my brain about the clearly "formerly Cypress Gardens features" and the "all new Lego-organization-built amusements." He said we should stick with the latter, and I, upon sitting down at the Pirate show, immediately realized the error of my ways and proceeded to ask the children every five minutes if they were ready to go get their Driver's Licenses. Finally, about five minutes before the end of the show, they were ready. So we bolted to avoid the crowds.

Except for stopping at every Lego built display.
Even though I was like, 'Come on let's go', because I soon realized
Oh wait. This is like, the whole point. 
And actually, speaking of crowds, there really were none. This is the beauty of a weekday after the water park section of Legoland had closed. We had it mostly to ourselves and never waited more than five minutes for a ride.

The driver's license area (we did the older area, as we are turning 6 next month), and the Imagination Station area were SUPER entertaining. Very well done.
This 'ride' is not to be missed! The twyns took their driving test very seriously.
They made their own cars and raced them in the Imagination area.
They could have stayed in this indoor section all day.
Then to shopping.

Too overwhelming.

And buh-bye! Thanks for the fun & inspiration!

My son woke up the next day, and after hearing the description of Animal Kingdom and the things we were going to do that day, asked: "When are we going back to Legoland?"

So there you have it ;) Out of the mouth of brick-crazy babes.

Next post: Animal Kingdom! 

And we thank you for your patience. ;) 

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