Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm glad I'm sore: Philly half marathon report

So I did my 'shake-it-off' run this morning- it was the .2 miles to the bus stop with the twyns, does that count?

Ok, ok, I may have run .05 of it and watched the kids run the rest of the way.

Ok, ok, I just ran down the driveway and checked to make sure my legs were still there.

I am sore, people.

Like, super sore.

But in a good way.

It teaches me:
a) that when I train well, it pays off (by not being so sore afterwards.)
b) and that I was able to push myself yesterday (which I'm not really good at doing: pushing myself.)

Because as my coach/hubby said on my way [to bed the night before, cuz he wasn't waking up at 4 for the pep talk]:
"This is your baseline for Ironman training. 
Just set a nice baseline." 
Ok well I don't know exactly what that means, but I'll trust ya, I guess.  I had a couple of other mantras in mind:
"Run a 5k. Then add your normal 10-mile training run." 
"Run your normal 10-mile training run, then add a 5k." 
"This is not your goal race. This is just a training run with 30,000 friends." 
"You will probably not PR, but you may just prove consistent after all your spazziness. Get under an 11 minute pace."
And as I raced, I ended up with one thing in mind:
"Just stick with this 4:45 marathon pacer, and you are good." 
It's funny how goals motivate us. What are these random goals? Why do we make them? What do we get out of them? I certainly didn't care about the Expo, or the swag, or the medal this time...didn't even remember that it would be such a big race, and that we'd be running alongside the marathoners the whole time. But once I realized so many people were running their goal race, it made me appreciate the gravity of it all, flog myself once again for not training for the full, and go out and give my best that I have, this day, for the half.

So there, I've been long & winded already, but here is your
Quick & Dirty on Philly [half] Marathon: 

  • much more city running than the Rock n Roll
  • and thus, many more spectators [yay! philly!]
  • on a windy day, the run by the river would hurt [but we had great weather]
  • running alongside the marathoners is inspiring
  • some ups and downs [not really hills per se] miles 7 to 10
  • very well organized, a lot of water stations, great volunteers
  • parking is a problem because a lot more roads are blocked off
  • when they say get there at 5:30, maybe just push it to 6 a bit
  • having not trained well, I was hoping to stay under 2:30 but not expecting to PR under 2:18. I was just under 2:22, so that'll do for now.
  • am most proud of having stayed with the 4:45 pacer in my sights the entire race. Consistency is not my strong suit! 
More Slow & Painful:
I think I do not like big races. I'm still at home in a triathlon. There are a lot of people and I feel like, not special, and it takes me a while to start to feel like I belong in that big crowd. I did see my twin mommy friend who got me through my first half, but then I lost her right away! She has been rocking the ultra's lately, so I lost my pacer!
I see so many real runners and start to think that I am in the wrong place! I don't feel that way at triathlons because I'm not a bad swimmer, so I always feel like I have a little something to offer and will not completely embarrass myself even though so many triathletes are super intense and I'm definitely in the back of the pack. So I guess what I'm most proud of and surprised by in this half marathon was that I was able to stay with a 'middle of the pack' pacing group the entire time, and felt like I belonged [a little.] This was the best aspect of my race today: that even when I walked to the water stations, I was able to catch back up to those little balloons on the pacer's sign. I felt like a little kid, looking for those balloons. And even a few times, I found myself in front of her and thought, "get back! get back in line!" The running brain. 

But I'm getting better and better at 'race day' prep. I knew what I needed to eat and drink the day before (coconut water, lots of regular water, and Pad Thai), race morning (raisin toast and coffee), and during the race (one Gu half-way and only water, no gatorade.) I carried a Luna coconut bar with me the entire race because I had been eating one in my 10-mile training runs at the half and taking a 2 minute break. But I didn't take a break during this race! Surprised myself a little. So I still haven't eaten that bar! It's my new mascot.
I also downloaded a few more songs this week for my running playlist and was secure in 'my race.' I know what I like to wear, I know what I like to hear, and I don't mind being the a-hole who is carrying her phone in her left hand. Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" and Arianna Grande's "Break Free" were a feature. I will always. ALWAYS. step up my pace on the key change. #runningmusician

The only new component to my outfit was new running gloves I got at Costco for $12! They are also smart gloves, so I was able to toggle with my playlist without taking them off. Which was great, because taking them off for my Gu at the half was almost impossible. I think my hands swelled! 

And speaking of swelling, I'm definitely experiencing some with my right foot. Gonna take it easy today. Hopefully do a real shake-out run tomorrow. 

But you know, mama's gotta host Thanksgiving! Ain't gonna host itself! 

So enough procrastination with this whole blog thing. You guys don't want to hear how I immediately got into the right chute when they directed us if you wanted to high-five the mayor and governor. You know I did!! ;) If only Cecily Tynan was giving out high-fives...:) 

Let's get our holidays on so we can get back to training, bitches!! 

Gore-Tex Expo Photo Booth.


  1. Sounds like an awesome race to me! Your "Quick and Dirty" on the Philly Half Marathon is pretty much spot on in my opinion. Everything you mentioned there is pretty much what I loved about the race. I did feel those "ups and downs" through miles 7 to 10 a lot more than you did. lol

    1. Thanks for visiting! I love your blog! Hopefully I'll be running a marathon in 2015 and can relate! :)


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