Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Frozen costume add-ons: Halloween post!

So every Halloween I post about the twyns' various outfits and adventures, and for this year, we have a cliffhanger! 

As you know I spent a lot of time on an Elsa costume. But what you may not know, if you haven't been following me on Facebook, is that I also, on request, spent a tiny amount of time on a witch costume. (We are talking - 3 full days of time for Elsa, 3 full hours for Witch.) 

Let's watch and see which she picks for trick-or-treating. 

We also have the Halloween parade at school, which is why I indulged her Witch wish, because I think it will be much easier to play all day in. 

I also spent some time making some Frozen-themed extras for a twin mommy friend of mine's children. She has three, so they will be Elsa (older daughter), Anna & Kristoff (younger boy/girl twins.) ISN'T THAT JUST AN ADORBS IDEA!?! TOO CUTE! 

Can't. stand. the cuteness. 

Anyways she asked for a 'longer train' for her store-bought Elsa costume. So I used the cape part of the pattern from my daughter's Anna/Elsa package. I got a sheer fabric, did not line it (saved time & money!) and added a jeweled button. You could cut this in an hour and, if you are making this last minute, don't even hem it! It took about a yard and a half, depending on height. 
Frozen cape/extended train options
I actually gave her a choice of two - a glittery white fabric that also didn't need to be lined, and the sheer. She chose the sheer. 

A Kristoff is born!
She also asked me for some kind of 'vest' for Kristoff. I thought this sounded like a perfect idea - who needs an entire costume when you can just pull over some kind of animal-skin looking fabric and attach a reddish/orange-ish belt? I took a 3T sweater vest of my son's and used the pattern to cut the bodice of this vest. Then, I took it one step further by attaching the half-circle hip sections and cap sleeves at the shoulder (got that idea from this blogger.) To make it really authentic, I attached the seams facing out , so that you would see the fur underneath. This is actually a super easy sewing technique that made it look even furrier and more authentic. I hand-sewed the trim around the neck, but you could also just leave it off or attach it with fusible for the night if you are stuck for time! 
Finished pieces. 

We have actually already had a lot of Halloween fun around here, including a party at school, in which the twyns won "Cutest Costume" for being the "Pirate twins." They wore their Disney Cruise costumes and, I must say, did look pretty put-together. 

After my daughter complained about the shoulder seam itching her, I finally took my bestie's advice and had my daughter wear a long-sleeved leotard underneath. Lord knows we don't need it for ballet class anymore...sniff...anyways, this brought about a much more happy side of Elsa. 

There you have it! Hope it helps you get your Frozen on this Halloween! 

Another friend suggested a Halloween drinking game - a sip for every Elsa you see - 
now this - THIS is a good idea...;) 

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  1. I actually found your blog via diy leg table. I have twins too (3.5 yr B/G) and then I started poking around. LOL, I get excited when I find fellow twin mommies. Now to my Qs, (1) what sewing machine would you recommend to someone who is absolutely new to sewing? We would love to get one but, there are so many out there that it gets mind boggling. We need something that will do definitely do basic stuff and maybe few fancy things if we ever get into it. Hubby and I are definitely novices. (2) I need to make an Elsa cape like the one you have above. What fabric would you recommend? I'm going to put a velcro around the neck for them. My son loves it (don't ask, lol) and wants us to pin a blanket on him half the time for the train. Thank you!


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