Thursday, October 9, 2014


Ok I had many grand ideas in mind when creating this post, but I'll just let the photos do most of the talking.

I've been working on Elsa for a few weeks now (about 3 full days time, I would say.) I was using this pattern (McCall's Costumes MP381) as an exercise in my patience and truly following a pattern from beginning to end. There are soooo many times I wanted to do things "my way", but, I have to say, it was worth going through all the standard motions. 

And although my daughter wants to take off the sleeves immediately (I may just cut them with the pinking shears and leave it at that!), I'm very happy with the final result. (Plus, I'm making her a cape that should keep her a little bit warm, which my son is very concerned about and is insisting she keep the sleeves. So cute.)

Found this cute button in my stash, thought it fit well. Zipper's a little wonky, ergh.
The lining was my first in this fabric; a little wonky on the bottom but straight and taut!
Cutting out the snowflakes was a pain but I'm an applique master at this point so I had to put on a few extra.
The sheer fabric had a golden butterfly shimmer to it so the whole cape just pops! 
I've started a few other Frozen-related costume projects by request, and I'll post them when I'm finished...
Cape options for ice princesses. Cuz a girl needs options...
Feel like I slaughtered a bear with this one. And the shedding!!!!! I've got an audition on Friday.  It's for the character of the best friend, Louise, in Always...Patsy Cline. I'll be sure to put up the report afterwards. Here's a practice round: 

Thanks for reading / listening! 

How's your "work week"?!

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  1. Nice! I gotta make a costume in the next few weeks. It's a little out of my skill set, but like you - I'm determined! Good luck at your audition!


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