Thursday, October 16, 2014

Audition report #6

Whew! It's been a while since my last audition report, hasn't it? It's been hard for me to find that perfect balance of a production that's not too far from home, has a role for me, and isn't smack dab in the middle of a quarter end. 

Yes, I think we live our lives quarter end to quarter end. Hubby informs me that not only are we celebrating our tenth year of marriage, but this is also our twenty-fifth quarter end. Woop.

So I digress. This show hit the mark, and I hadn't introduced myself to this theatre yet. So it was time for them to hear the vocal stylings of the one, the only, TwynMawrMom. 

So, somewhere in my closet, out came THIS. My lucky shoes, no doubt, but also some kind of 50's getup. And the mom cardigan, cuz, you know, it hides my arm flab. 

The show was Always...Patsy Cline...and I emailed them I would be auditioning for the role of the best friend because, I figured, there are probably a lot of Patsy Cline-wannabe's out there who have actually studied her voice, music, look, and...I'm: not one of them. 

So they emailed me three sides and three songs from which to choose one of each. 

I chose the sequence/side that led into the song "I Fall to Pieces" because it had that nice low note in it, which shows a nice side to my voice. Not that I don't have many awesome sides to my voice, wink wink, toot toot, but you know, mama's always got the low notes, even though the High C and I broke up, like, 13 years ago. 

I drove to Bristol, PA, which is a super cute town. It has a river crossing that looks restored from the 1600's and it's just adorable. The theater rehearsal space, however, was a super modern warehouse-looking thing in the middle of some historic houses, so I missed it on my first pass. 

When I got inside there were two girls there who both sang Patsy songs and nothing more. So clearly they were just going for the Patsy role, not the best friend. I think in the play, the character of Patsy does most of the singing and the best friend, Louise, does most of the talking. Note to young auditionees: go ahead and audition for the part with the meatiest audition material. You could have done a monologue on top of your song, and showed more of your talent to this theater/producer/casting agent in the process. Do a little research! You have YouTube, you have: no excuse. Yes, you might not be old enough for the best friend, but do you really look like Patsy Cline? So, there ya go.

I heard them both sing and they both sounded very lovely. The pianist corrected each of them on a phrasing and had them each re-sing a part. These were two separate auditions, so I was starting to see if this was a pattern that I might need to prepare for. But when I went in, I told them I chose the selection and song sequence together and they (the casting director and pianist/music director) acknowledged that was a good plan. I started the monologue and she asked me to stop and start again further back from her. She said I was 'too on top of her and she couldn't assess my talent at all.' So I tried not to let it affect my focus and got to the back of the room to start again. I do have a loud voice, and the sound was bouncing off the walls quite a bit so it made sense to pull back. Then I started directly into the song with a side nod to the pianist. I thought it sounded great. He said it sounded great, and did not correct me. So I don't know what that means - was my singing really that spot on the money, or did they just need to make sure I could hold a note since the part would only require minimal singing anyway? Who can tell. 

The casting director then asked me to tell her a little about myself. So I continued with the accent and joked, "Well I'm originally from Jacksonville, Florida so if I got a little Florida on ya, I 'pologize..." and she laughed. Then I said that I had twyns, and they just started kindergarten so mama's gotta go back to work, and they laughed again. Then I mentioned that I have never been to Bristol before [read: I have never auditioned for you before and I'm relatively new in town so pay attention] and that I thought it was so cute [read: I would like to be cast here because I'm so enamored with the whole place and you need my enthusiasm.] 

And that was that, folks! I fer sure thought I'd get a call about that one...

But it always surprises me when people say, "So when will you hear?" and I have to inform them, "Most of the time, NEVER!" And you know, even if I could just get a little call saying, "We liked you but not for this role" or "You look too damn young for your voice/maturity level"...I would just go ahead and call Sally Field and ask her WTF.

But it's ok, because this show is in January, and I may actually have a little work to do with my musical that month with the one, the only Sibyl Kempson, at New Dramatists. More on that in the next post ;) 

Have a great day, y'all!! 

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