Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's a big world, after all





Yes, yes, I know it's been a little while...[sorry 'bout that.]

I had always joked with my husband that when the twyns got on the bus for kindergarten, I would get in my car and just keep right on driving down to our old fertility clinic in D.C. and get started on another IVF cycle.

But that didn't happen!

I was super down in July but some kind of switch in my brain got flipped because a few weeks before the big day, I was just feeling nothing but excitement for the kiddos.
First Day of preschool
I'm excited for them to start their little lives, and for me to get a re-boot myself!

First Day of Kindergarten
I have to say I did love our little bubble of a world...we were the most important parts of our day and I am *so* so glad we only had two years of preschool mixed in there. We had five and a half very full years together of day trips, projects, street play and swinging. I think we managed to make five hundred dozen cupcakes in that time. As evidence I present to you my children's complete *lack* of the "oh-ma-gah-they-are-so-tired-they-passed-right-out-at-the-dinner-table" reaction to full-day-K. My twyns: completely fine.

A fun botched naptime sometime around, oh say, 2 1/2 
Shenanigans on the way out the door around, oh say, 3
So yes, that re-boot you mentioned...

Whatchagonnado, twynmawrmom?

Well, thanks for asking. Oh, and please be sure to ask me again in five minutes, because it changes minute-ly.

A couple of weeks ago in the dog days of August I got to lamenting how, whenever the kids got to take a break and have a popsicle, I could have really used a coffee break. But who wants a hot cupa joe at 100 degrees o'clock? Hence the coffee popsicle was born. In my house anyways. There were already thousands of them on pinterest, but I thought I would give birth to my own special one.

And then the financier husband thought I should package and market this idea.

Why can't I just make some popsicles. My being at home is not your entrepreneurial opportunity.

I interviewed! Yes, I had been sending the ol' rezoom out to various higher places of learning in this joint and got a call. And then an in-person interview. With a requested POWER POINT presentation!

I was HAWT.

I did not get the job.

But that doesn't mean I can't go ahead and start a vocal studio all on my lonesome and visit a quilt show and look up general contractor licensure requirements to make myself seem further inexpert in all things, right?

[Told ya I was a spazz....]

To be continued...

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