Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop aka #myblogfriends

Hey! Susan @ The Bored Zombie nominated me in this fun little trip. She changed the rules a bit so we could all just enjoy each other, as was the original intent of the "Blog Hop Around the World." She had me at "Futurama Quilt."

Rather than answering several questions about the creative process and what I'm working on,  I'm showing a work in progress (we call it: WIP, or UFO un-finished object) in the quilt/sewing/blog world. I don't really remember which world I belong to anymore.

And I'm happy to nominate blogger friends whom I don't think have previously participated in this. They, in turn, are to nominate three more. [It's just fun, y'all, it's not. a chain letter.]

And, in this corner, representing Europe and formerly Belgium and now England, the fabulous, the wondrous, sewist extraordinaire, Laura @ Behind the Hedgerow.


I'm kinda mad she's so good at making clothes for herself and children. And using piping. Lots and lots of piping. And her littlest dude is like a little mash-up of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, like, in the cutest stinkin' way.

And hopping across the Atlantic on this corner of the globe, the incomparable, the incredible (no honestly there is not a lot of credibility in the things he says), the contributing father to the birth of this blog (gross, twynmawrmom, gross) and actual father to my muse Ruby, Adam @ Tenor Dad

He writes great tales of auditions, parenting, and mixes all these experiences into parody videos you will much enjoy here

And lastly but not leastly, the sweet energy of yoga master Sabrie @ Sunshine and yoga.

Her stories (and jewelry) will inspire and calm. I find myself breathing deeper just from reading her blog posts. I wish I could take one of her classes. Maybe when I'm visiting my hometown someday.

And now...work-in-progress these days...


You're shocked, I know. I have a five year old daughter. Get with the program.

I was fitting it on her before I finish (because, you know, I'm a pro) and she tried to tell me she didn't need the sleeves. But then her brother reminded her it is cold on Halloween night, so those sheer sleeves are getting attached next sitting (because, of course, sheer sleeves will keep her warm) (oh, and I have to attach some snowflake appliques on the train.)

Overall, it's looking like a WIN! 

Actually I'll tell you a little secret...

But *DON'T* tell anyone, K?!


As you know, my creative process is rather messy, and scattered. I like to buy patterns but not necessarily use them. For Elsa, I'm trying to follow to a 'tee', but I still find myself adding bits here and there and trying to cut corners. In the end, I'm really just looking for the pattern to prove its worth to me, funnily enough. I don't believe it to be true.

Anyways, so I've purchased some fabric, patterns, and novelty items to try and create Petyr Baelish and (whom I call naughty) Sansa from Game of Thrones. These would be for me and my husband (he's got the salt-and-pepper already, ya know?) He's embarassed at the THOUGHT. But...if I could finish them by the time we go to the Ren Faire...it would be HAWT, right!?!

*Sigh* A gal can dream...

Back to the sewing machine!!

What are you working on?? 

Did you meet my awesome blog friends!? 


  1. Littlefinger and Naughty Sansa is the best costume idea ever. Ever.

    1. We'll thank goodness someone likes it!!! But shhhhhhhhhh it's a secret!

  2. I like your blog friends and I really dig your costuming work! :)


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