Monday, August 11, 2014

Daddy's list for the Baby Registry #newmommyweek

So I had originally asked my husband for help with ideas on my baby registry post, and he started saying some pretty funny things, so then I asked him to help me finish up #newmommyweek with a Daddy post, and now you can see how things spiraled out of control and became #newmommyweekandahalf because, first lesson on new mommy-ness: Daddies slow you up. And you have to be a nag sometimes, but it's not because he doesn't want to be involved, he is just thinking about other things less 'in-the-moment' and you gotta snap him back to the crying baby in the other room.

[Now I want to be PC and say that partners slow you up (because everybody has a partner, even single mommies need a partner in this parenthood world), but I'm pretty sure the partner with the most slowing-down potential is the Daddy. Which has its merits as you run around like a chicken without a head and he puts your head back on, but I digress, because I don't know anyone like that #spazz....]

So here I am, writing a #funforFriday post on a Monday, in #newmommyweek half-a-week-later, with only three things on it for Daddies:

1. Rechargeable batteries
All the swings, toys, baby monitors, breast pumps, etc still, for the most part, use batteries. My husband, over the years, has built a cache that could carry us 20 years into the apocalypse. After the first seven runs to the store for some different sized battery, he started to catch on. He wished he had scanned one of those rechargeable sets at the baby store along side the cute crib sets and onesies.

2. Amazon prime
This includes, which you will often need within 48 hours, streaming of Dora & Diego and The NeverEnding Story, subscribe & save on staples like: wipes, and just about everything else under the sun. Yes, we all know Amazon has taken over the world of online shopping, but did you know you could get all that sh** at your house in under 2 days? Go ahead and get the prime membership. Or, better yet, ask for it on your registry. You'll be hooked. [Prime includes the streaming, btw.]

Hubby perfected the cross-leg hands-free hold
3. Netflix
You will find, if you haven't already, Netflix has a kids section. And it will play one episode after the other if you let it (to a point.) My children call it the "red channel" and while it is a bit dangerous to have every kind of entertainment we want at our fingertips, at any time, it is crucial that we do not watch commercials. Watching those are just like, creating a shopping list from your couch. My son, in particular, wants IT ALL. Rainbows, unicorns, fluffy pillows, as well as transformers, guns, and toys from shows he's never even heard about... he wants. He's quite impressionable. Gotta find him a nice girl to marry that won't take advantage of his wide-eyed view of the world.

Speaking of rainbows & unicorns, I have been making some dresses lately and having a lot of fun! Who knew quilts took so long and dresses take so short? If you follow TwynMawrMom on facebook or twitter, you will have seen the pics. Blog post to come soon...

What he didn't say, and what we've really enjoyed is: 
4. A real camera
One of our friends told us to get a DSLR camera before they were born, and I ended up getting my husband one for his birthday, which took place a few weeks after they were born but before our daughter got home from the NICU. It really did/does take a softer photo that makes you feel like a pro! Those newborn pics at home with the DSLR camera are priceless and oh so warm.

Anywho, that's the new Daddy part of the equation. You may have noticed your partner not getting quite as excited and emotional about all of this (cliche, but true). Wait til birth-day. It'll take him about 5 minutes to get on board with WHATEVER baby needs :)

Happy Monday, new mommies! 
What else do you want to hear about? 

And the rest of the mommies: what were your biggest questions/fears during your first pregnancy?

I had an irrational fear of not getting enough pictures, I guess, 
because we took 1000 in the first 30 days. 
Like, how many pics of my daughter with a tube coming out of her nose
 am I going to really want to save for posterity? Jeez.

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