Friday, August 15, 2014

CamelBeach Family Fun #funforFriday

Yesterday Daddy took the day off work and we headed into the Poconos mountains (hmmmm, sounds familiar? Seems like he is exceptionally motivated to take days off work to head into mountains...) to hit CamelBeach WaterPark

We did some online research and figured this would be the best local day-trip-water-park for us to try because it was a nice mix of slides for their age and size. The twyns are 5 1/2 now, and the boy juuuuust clears the 42" mark, but the girl does not yet. They are both safely over the 36" mark, and obviously, they are nowhere near the 48" mark for 3 of the faster attractions. 
(Even though the boy continued to measure himself at
each and every stand to see if they had grown between slides.)
This meant they were eligible for at least 6 of the 13 slide-like attractions, and there were also 2 'tower'-like structures/play areas with water hazards, bridges, and slides within: Pharoah's Phortress (probably best for 5 and up), and Camel Cove (probably best for 5 and under.) Believe me, this was plenty for us to do. The kids could have probably ridden the "Titan", the one where all four of us were able to ride together, all day. 

We also loved the skyride! And since we were able to rent a locker (we fit our backpack in a small one for $8 for the day), we didn't have our phones/cameras on us all day long, so the rest of our photos are of the second skyride, after we decided to change into our dry clothes and hit it one last time. 

#skifamily #eveninthesummer
This afforded us a birds' eye view of the new CamelBack Lodge they are building, with an indoor water park. Hubby said he could definitely see us staying there for a ski trip in the future. 

We had a great time. We arrived just after opening at 10:20 am, and on a weekday, it was relatively un-crowded. The longest we waited for a slide was 10 minutes. I'm sure the faster slides for older kids were a little longer wait-times, but overall I would definitely recommend going on a weekday if you can swing it. We left at around 5 pm and ate dinner in Allentown on the way home. 

We also got the "family fun pack" of tickets, 4 for $99, which was the best value. If you decide to go during the 'twilight time' (after 2 pm for buying tix online, or 3 pm at door), you could still hit the majority of the attractions for half the price as well. I would recommend this if your kids are old enough to ride all the attractions by themselves and are going to be running all around the park to accomplish this. 

A bit of advice: 
  • you'll want to wear water shoes if you have sensitive feet. You can put your flip-flops in a cubby hole at the entrance of each slide, but then you still have to walk up to the top of the slide on concrete. I didn't mind; my hubby was a little uncomfortable.
  • you are going to be walking a lot, and up the ramps of each slide (sometimes carrying a tube), so be prepared for sore thighs at the end of the day.
  • It was overcast on our day, and so the water felt a bit cold, and the wind was really not helping. We ended up bringing the kids' towels to put in the cubby of each slide, so that they had them right away when we exited. 
  • stake out your lounge chairs right away (there are many areas, we chose Camel Cove in the center of the park) and park your towels/water bottles there. 
  • we didn't reserve our picnic table within 48 hours, but there were still some available at the door. Because we weren't sure we would get one, we didn't bring food. It probably would have been worth it. $40 for lunch purchased on site minus $15 picnic table rental = $25 of outside food purchases/opportunity cost that would probably have done the trick. 
Clouds did not deter us from having a great time. Just bring your hoodies!
Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer! 

I know my friends in the SouthEast are already back to school, and I can't even imagine it yet! Gonna go cram in as much summer as possible now..buh-bye!!

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