Friday, July 25, 2014

Feelin' unicorny #funforFriday

I'm feeling better, thanks for asking. Thanks for listening to me whine this week.

I had coffee with a friend yesterday who insisted I run the Philly marathon (ok she might have said 8k but I read between her eyes) and I started working on a project I've had in the works for a while now. 

My daughter and her bestie have fallen in love with these beautiful traditional-style dresses and I don't know how much longer this phase is going to last. I was really hoping I could make her one or two (or five million and sell a few on etsy now that my Frozen fabric pre-order has come in), before the phase is over.

Well I made a few attempts over the last year and failed pretty miserably. I bought a few patterns and failed miserably. I threaded and rethreaded the serger and failed .... You guessed it: terribly. 

I finally found the MOST AMAZING tutorial (and perhaps some muse intervention) that spoke to me and made my first mock-up in some ugly fabric I've never once used in oh, say 10 years. 
The funny part is, when I showed my daughter the mock-up (anyone have a collar tutorial? Wanna get those cute collars in there), and the unicorn pieces of a dress I'm going to now incorporate into a new dress using that mock-up pattern, and the frozen fabric I'm also going to utilize in a dress made from that pattern, she immediately swooned and now can't wait for her frozen/army green/unicorn dress to be in hand. 



Have a great weekend everyone! 

What are you working on? 

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  1. Did my comment post? I'm going to try again.

    I love Craftiness Is Not Optional! Her girls are SOOOOO cute!
    And you've heard of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, yes? Here's a tutorial for a Peter Pan Collar.

    Love 'ya! Miss 'ya! Mean it!


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