Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Family fun at The Philadelphia Freedoms Opening Match!

Yep I was excited to be offered free tickets to this event for the following review, and the giveaway I hosted last week, but all opinions, photos, and fun are my own. 
We braved the rainstorm last night and hit the match at 7 pm.
We got there a little earlier to take some pics...
And to grab a bite!
All settled in, we were ready for play.
First up: Men's Doubles. And many many questions about how tennis is played, about when to be quiet, who was 'our team', and did we just win that point?
The twyns were getting it! 
Next came the women's doubles (WD), the men's singles (MS), women's singles (WS), and mixed doubles (MD).
Each set played until one team hit 5 wins in the set. 

So at the half, it was 12 total wins (San Diego Aviators) to 9 total wins (Philadelphia Freedoms.)

For some reason, I only got more pics of this guy ;)
That's Frank Dancevic, and he turned the match around for the Freedoms!

After some serious volleys with Aviators Somdev Devvarman, he took the set 5-2. 

Followed were the women's singles, and mixed doubles to end the match in the Freedoms favor 19-18!!

That was some serious tennis, y'all.

And a great family night! 

[And it wasn't even family night! That's Friday!]

My son's only complaint was, "When are they going to shoot the ball to me??"

Some Questions I had before going that you may have, too!

Is Billie Jean King there?
Ha! Yup. She was there with the players, cheering them on with the rest of us.

Is five too young?
My twins have seen a couple of shows and sports events in about the hour to hour and a half range, and 8 pm is their usual bedtime, so we left around 9 pm (2 hours in) and missed the last match. Candy is nature's bedtime extender ;)

Will there be food?
Yes - chicken fingers, fries, hot dogs, the usual....candy boxes, WINE, BEER....

Will it be rained out?
Nope! It's in the indoor pavilion at Villanova University. It was raining hard when we got there so we had our umbrellas but luckily they had umbrella bags upon entering.

Will you be close to the action?
Yes! The kids and I had no problem keeping track of everything that was going on, and we were only seven rows up. The 'highest' seats are about 10 rows up. Everything is RIGHT there. The players would be able to hear you sneeze. If you're a loud sneezer.

Will you be close to the restrooms?
Yes. The whole setup is utilizing one half of the Basketball court, so it is easy to walk down the bleachers and around to the restrooms. 

What's the parking sitch? 
It's free, and it's across the street in the main Villanova lots.

Are the players cute?
See above pics of Frank...annnnd.....Andy Roddick will be playing on the opposing team on Monday night's match! And I guess Victoria Azarenka is quite a draw, yes? Venus Williams will be there on Thursday night!

Would it be a fun girls night out ? 
As a matter of fact tonight is Girl's Night Out with fancy pregame dinner!! See more about it here.

Are they going to play the Elton John song?
Of course! Oh, and the Rocky theme. It is Philadelphia, after all. 

And just remember if the kids need a little chance to move their legs during halftime, there's always firefly-catching in the green outside.

Click here for tix, and don't forget to use code MOMBLOG2014 for $10 off any adult ticket! 
Lots of fun pregame events on Family Night this Friday. Have fun!!

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