Friday, July 11, 2014

And how much swimming is in the half marathon? #funforFriday

I found this old draft of a post from last year after I finished the half-ironman, thought it would be fun to reminisce today. My husband is relentlessly literal sometimes: 

A phone conversation between a son and his mother:

"How did she do?"

"Good, good."

"And now, what did she do again?"

"A half-ironman."

"A half of an Ironman?"

"No, ma, that would imply that she did not finish a race. The distance of the race is a half of an Ironman distance."

"Ok, so how much swimming is in the half marathon?"

"None. But in a half-ironman, there is a 1.2 mile swim."

"Oh my God. That's too much." 

"Well some people don't think so, as they have done twice that much."

"Twice a half-ironman???"

"Yes, well, two times a half is..."

"Oh. Oh, yes. Ok. I see."

"Well is she resting?"

"No, she's gardening."

"I'm telling you, son, no grass grows under her feet."

"Well actually grass is growing under her feet right now."

"Ugh. You know what I mean. Tell her to take a nap!"

"What? I was with the kids all day, I think it's my turn for a nap!"

"Son, you should take a page out of your wife's book, do some Ironmen."

"You mean Tony Stark? I don't think he's into guys, ma."

"Spend a little less time being smart with your mother and more time working off that beer belly!"

"You know I don't actually drink beer..."

"I don't have to take this.Tell her congratulations, or whatever it is you say."

"Ok, ma. I love you."

"You're so frustrating. You're just like your father. Goodbye."  


[she hangs up]



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  1. Ha! THat's hilarious!

    (And come link up with us next Tuesday - any run related post will do, but we are recapping our first races!)


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