Friday, July 25, 2014

Feelin' unicorny #funforFriday

I'm feeling better, thanks for asking. Thanks for listening to me whine this week.

I had coffee with a friend yesterday who insisted I run the Philly marathon (ok she might have said 8k but I read between her eyes) and I started working on a project I've had in the works for a while now. 

My daughter and her bestie have fallen in love with these beautiful traditional-style dresses and I don't know how much longer this phase is going to last. I was really hoping I could make her one or two (or five million and sell a few on etsy now that my Frozen fabric pre-order has come in), before the phase is over.

Well I made a few attempts over the last year and failed pretty miserably. I bought a few patterns and failed miserably. I threaded and rethreaded the serger and failed .... You guessed it: terribly. 

I finally found the MOST AMAZING tutorial (and perhaps some muse intervention) that spoke to me and made my first mock-up in some ugly fabric I've never once used in oh, say 10 years. 
The funny part is, when I showed my daughter the mock-up (anyone have a collar tutorial? Wanna get those cute collars in there), and the unicorn pieces of a dress I'm going to now incorporate into a new dress using that mock-up pattern, and the frozen fabric I'm also going to utilize in a dress made from that pattern, she immediately swooned and now can't wait for her frozen/army green/unicorn dress to be in hand. 



Have a great weekend everyone! 

What are you working on? 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Someone/thing needs to kick my a$$

Well here I go back to the original purpose of this blog, to pull threads out of my head and clean up the mess.

I can't seem to finish anything.

I'm at least 15 pounds over my training weight for last year's half-ironman. I could post one of those 'transformation' photos in reverse. This is how "hard" I've worked over the last 10 months to get to where I am today. I quit the gym, thought I'd take advantage of some groupons, race with friends, and swim at our club pool. And Nada. As in, not-a-thing has happened. I did get off my a$$ to join the Villanova gym as a "township member", but have only gone three times, and mostly to swim. There's nothing like swimming in a university pool. I signed up for Broad Street 10-miler again, but ended up having a family commitment so had to quit training halfway in.  I mean, blame it on the snowpocalypse, that sh** was no joke, but it's been six months, y'all. Snowpocalypse nopocalypse.

Then the kids got sick.

"Full day camp" was supposed to be a time when I would write the great American musical (started, not finished); come up with all these new ETSY products (kinda, but not really yet); lose that post-half-ironman-weight (I said I wanted a break from triathlon, not to break up with it!); and conquer a million house/organization projects.

Nope. Four weeks later, I've experienced at least 6 sick days out of 19 possible camp days.

Although, apparently when the kids are at home, I get more done!? How is this possible.

I think, actually, what's most true, is that the more I have to do, the more I get done.

So I need to come up with a plan. Or I need to hang out with some friends who have one.

I've made several pushes for the blog to be successful in the past, and yet, I'm still not there, either. Again, another project I don't see to completion.

I truly am enjoying my life, I just have this weird feeling that it is coming to an end. I guess I am suffering from some low-level depression, which is really really really not me so I wouldn't recognize it if it came around.

I never experienced PPD, so perhaps this is PKD, or pre-kindergarten depression. It is also coinciding with some extended family drama, so there's that.

"Kindergarten" was always the timing that came up for me and my husband that felt like the absolute last day I would be found as a stay-at-home mom. But we don't have a new plan quite yet. We now want to see how the kids do this year. Hitting the formal/public education system, we are still waiting for our luck to end and find someone has some lingering preemie learning issues or something. That's SO HORRIBLE to say but I know it's still in the back of our minds. We want to be here for the kids if they need any boosts in life.

So why can't I settle in? I still have this awful pit in my stomach. It usually gets worse when I think of my kids hanging out with fifth graders, who may or may not know about the Santa clause.

Also, unicorns.

And, Mickey Mouse.

I don't want to give up Mickey Mouse. I'm working on dedicating the kids bathroom redo to my non-existent Disney Cruise this year. Wah, poor me, I know...

Froggies to mice
I just really really heart this age. And these twyns. They were worth every second of the last five years of my time.

I have experienced a boat-load of orders this week, hence the reason I got off my a$$ to write this post.

And got me thinking about some other products, which is may or may not ever come to fruition...

Cause I'd rather build Legos, frankly...

And play Quirkle with this girl.

That is all.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Family fun at The Philadelphia Freedoms Opening Match!

Yep I was excited to be offered free tickets to this event for the following review, and the giveaway I hosted last week, but all opinions, photos, and fun are my own. 
We braved the rainstorm last night and hit the match at 7 pm.
We got there a little earlier to take some pics...
And to grab a bite!
All settled in, we were ready for play.
First up: Men's Doubles. And many many questions about how tennis is played, about when to be quiet, who was 'our team', and did we just win that point?
The twyns were getting it! 
Next came the women's doubles (WD), the men's singles (MS), women's singles (WS), and mixed doubles (MD).
Each set played until one team hit 5 wins in the set. 

So at the half, it was 12 total wins (San Diego Aviators) to 9 total wins (Philadelphia Freedoms.)

For some reason, I only got more pics of this guy ;)
That's Frank Dancevic, and he turned the match around for the Freedoms!

After some serious volleys with Aviators Somdev Devvarman, he took the set 5-2. 

Followed were the women's singles, and mixed doubles to end the match in the Freedoms favor 19-18!!

That was some serious tennis, y'all.

And a great family night! 

[And it wasn't even family night! That's Friday!]

My son's only complaint was, "When are they going to shoot the ball to me??"

Some Questions I had before going that you may have, too!

Is Billie Jean King there?
Ha! Yup. She was there with the players, cheering them on with the rest of us.

Is five too young?
My twins have seen a couple of shows and sports events in about the hour to hour and a half range, and 8 pm is their usual bedtime, so we left around 9 pm (2 hours in) and missed the last match. Candy is nature's bedtime extender ;)

Will there be food?
Yes - chicken fingers, fries, hot dogs, the usual....candy boxes, WINE, BEER....

Will it be rained out?
Nope! It's in the indoor pavilion at Villanova University. It was raining hard when we got there so we had our umbrellas but luckily they had umbrella bags upon entering.

Will you be close to the action?
Yes! The kids and I had no problem keeping track of everything that was going on, and we were only seven rows up. The 'highest' seats are about 10 rows up. Everything is RIGHT there. The players would be able to hear you sneeze. If you're a loud sneezer.

Will you be close to the restrooms?
Yes. The whole setup is utilizing one half of the Basketball court, so it is easy to walk down the bleachers and around to the restrooms. 

What's the parking sitch? 
It's free, and it's across the street in the main Villanova lots.

Are the players cute?
See above pics of Frank...annnnd.....Andy Roddick will be playing on the opposing team on Monday night's match! And I guess Victoria Azarenka is quite a draw, yes? Venus Williams will be there on Thursday night!

Would it be a fun girls night out ? 
As a matter of fact tonight is Girl's Night Out with fancy pregame dinner!! See more about it here.

Are they going to play the Elton John song?
Of course! Oh, and the Rocky theme. It is Philadelphia, after all. 

And just remember if the kids need a little chance to move their legs during halftime, there's always firefly-catching in the green outside.

Click here for tix, and don't forget to use code MOMBLOG2014 for $10 off any adult ticket! 
Lots of fun pregame events on Family Night this Friday. Have fun!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My first race, aka how *not* to tri #linkup

I'm so excited to join MCM Mama in her Tuesday #linkup on "first races" this week. Check it out at 
I have always been a fan of Ironman races.

I can recall many a lazy Saturday afternoon spent glued to the TV, long before they had Internet, to find out who had won the race, even two months after the race had been completed, when they finally aired the reduced version.

I couldn't believe people could race for an ENTIRE day.

And I just loved the way they edited it down, and told the main players' backstories, it was better than any Superbowl or World Series to me.

So I kinda knew I'd want to do one of those races some day. Probably not an Ironman, but yes, a triathlon. So I made it one of those "before I'm 30" goals. And lo and behold, six months before my 30th, I still had not completed one!

So I signed up for Virginia Run Sprint by Fins Wheels Feet Racing, that took place two weeks before my 30th birthday. A sprint. With only 12 miles of neighborhood biking. Seemed daunting at the time, now would be a piece o' cake.

Nothing like the last minute, eh?

And I [spoiler alert] sucked. SUCKED HARD-CORE!

Like, the man with one leg and the thirteen year old girl beat me.

Even though I had 'trained' for six months.

Let me explain: 

I truly enjoy swimming. This was a no-brainer. "I'm from Florida", I always reassure people, including myself. I printed out my little training sheet, which I think had listed most of the swim workouts from 30 to 60 minutes, and knocked those off one by one. Oh, and the 12 week training plan, I started 6 months out....So naturally, I burned out on the swimming pretty early. That was great.

Buuuuuuut didn't really matter, because there was only 250 yards of swimming! So what the hell was I doing 60 minute workouts for? I was on the swim team in high school (ok, dive team, but we did the warm-ups and cool-downs), so I could have done that in my sleep. I listed my time, and when we got there, they lined me up in the front with the guys. I listed my best swimming time, which wasn't inaccurate, but when I got in the water I panicked and it was actually very cold (a non-heated pool, early May, Northern Virginia.) So I lost my breath and had to stop at one of the sides and let someone pass me. Amateur!! And this was supposed to be my best event. Ah well. I still did fare better than most ... of the ladies, mind you....not the men that I was actually supposed to be swimming with...

Maybe it was the fact that I didn't get a real bike until two weeks before the race. My husband decided it would be a good birthday present. It wasn't until he took me to the shop that he realized I had never ridden with gears before.

So for the previous five months I had been enjoying a leisurely workout on the inclined stationary bike in our condo. FAIL.

By the time I got to two weeks before the race and started playing with my new toy, it was too late. I thought you were supposed to down-shift for the hills, like in a stick-shift car. I was hating on those 'hill's in the subdivision where the triathlon took place, but thought that traction oughta do me right eventually. 12 miles. 50 minutes later....and my husband saw me loop around at the half and said I looked like the Wicked Witch of the West, sitting upright so that I might as well have had a basket up in front. LOL. That image has stuck with me ever since. I aspire always to never look like the Wicket Witch again!!

I had not practiced any bricks, so that's 10 miles beside the point. I had not RUN a MILE CONTINUOUSLY for like, 10 years. So that was no bueno.

I started in the New Year to build up my strength on the treadmill and I eventually got to a continous mile after about, 3 weeks. Um, it's not like I was obese or anything (I was skinnier than I am now), I just had NO CLUE what I was doing.

Around April (yes, 4 months later lol) I started to run 3 miles continuously, but absolutely stopped there every time. I figured the last .1 they could front me. Especially after the bike and the swim. My husband, having run cross country in high school, tried to tell me I should be running more than the race distance to train, but this didn't make any sense to me at the time.

Boy how I've learned!!

So now, I didn't come in last, but I also didn't realize how poorly I had done. That has come in waves of embarrassment since that time, usually with every new race (and faster time) I complete. I am always such a positive perso
n, I was just super proud to have finished. I accomplished my goal, two whole weeks before my 30th birthday! And I had a new bike to play with. And an excuse to binge on a cheeseburger.

Life is good. And luckily, I was hooked [see my tri habit page.] And I can't believe I am in the middle of my first summer (outside of pregnancy and breastfeeding) that I haven't signed up for a tri! I usually complete one every summer. But after the half-ironman last Fall, I've been weak. I think if I do another I'm afraid it will give me some kind of false confidence that I could go ahead and sign up for the full. Na gana da it. NO SIR. Not now. Shhhhhhhhh. Quiet, crazy lady.

[covers mouth] 

Don't forget I'll be headed to the Philadelphia Freedoms tonight! 
I'll let you know how it goes ASAP so you can use code MOMBLOG2014 to get $10 off your adult tix for the rest of the series this week & into the weekend.

Friday, July 11, 2014

And how much swimming is in the half marathon? #funforFriday

I found this old draft of a post from last year after I finished the half-ironman, thought it would be fun to reminisce today. My husband is relentlessly literal sometimes: 

A phone conversation between a son and his mother:

"How did she do?"

"Good, good."

"And now, what did she do again?"

"A half-ironman."

"A half of an Ironman?"

"No, ma, that would imply that she did not finish a race. The distance of the race is a half of an Ironman distance."

"Ok, so how much swimming is in the half marathon?"

"None. But in a half-ironman, there is a 1.2 mile swim."

"Oh my God. That's too much." 

"Well some people don't think so, as they have done twice that much."

"Twice a half-ironman???"

"Yes, well, two times a half is..."

"Oh. Oh, yes. Ok. I see."

"Well is she resting?"

"No, she's gardening."

"I'm telling you, son, no grass grows under her feet."

"Well actually grass is growing under her feet right now."

"Ugh. You know what I mean. Tell her to take a nap!"

"What? I was with the kids all day, I think it's my turn for a nap!"

"Son, you should take a page out of your wife's book, do some Ironmen."

"You mean Tony Stark? I don't think he's into guys, ma."

"Spend a little less time being smart with your mother and more time working off that beer belly!"

"You know I don't actually drink beer..."

"I don't have to take this.Tell her congratulations, or whatever it is you say."

"Ok, ma. I love you."

"You're so frustrating. You're just like your father. Goodbye."  


[she hangs up]



Have a great weekend...and if you're looking for a fun place to hang out see this cute bloglovin' hop I'm participating in this month! 

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Happy Kids, Inc.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Philadelphia Freedoms Tickets Winner!

Thank you all for entering! I can't wait to check this event out. Should be a lot of fun!!

And if you didn't win, click through here for tickets and use the code MOMBLOG2014 for a discount of $10 off an adult ticket! That makes it super cheap y'all.

The winner is...
I've already emailed you, so make sure to email me back so we can get the tickets to you ASAP.

Thanks again and have a great week everyone! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Philadelphia Freedoms Kids and Family Night Tickets Giveaway!

This is a giveaway for Kids & Family Night on Friday, July 18, 2014 at 7 PM!

[and now you have that Elton John song playing in your head, you're welcome! He wrote it for Billie Jean.]

I'm so excited about this giveaway. First of all, it's a sporting event right in the backyard of the Main Line. Not that I don't enjoy our fair city, but getting the kids into the city and parking for any of the other major sporting events in town can be intimidating. We did finally take the twyns to a Phillies game last summer and it was fun, but again, we didn't want to leave when everyone else did and fight the traffic, so we left a little early.

Secondly, the history of the Freedoms, founded by Billie Jean King, and with the tennis superstars they have had including Agassi, Roddick, Venus Williams...I mean, Google the list. It's ridiculous.

Thirdly, I'm excited to be a lot closer to the action! This is a sport with constant activity and I think the kids will get the concept immediately and start to enjoy it from the first minute. And it's co-ed TEAM tennis, so both my daughter and my son get to see real sportsmanship, with both genders represented, in action.

Finally, this is a night *designated* for kids & families! I imagine you'd be feeling the same way we did on our Disney cruises - it's soooooo comforting to be able to share that 'knowing nod' with other parents when your child is getting excited and perhaps LOUD and to just laugh and enjoy the moment we ALL know very well. I think my husband would be a little less embarrassed if, when he takes our son to the bathroom fifty-seven times, and he fails to prevent our son from dropping his pants entirely when he approaches a public urinal, that it is only likely to be other Dads in the same sitch.... and... that would be why we love Family night.

These tickets are for the night of Friday, July 18, and as I mentioned, the game is played at Villanova.
I'll be attending the opening night match on Tuesday, July 15th, and will be sure to let you know how it went!

As for the giveaway, just follow the rafflecopter thingy below over this weekend and I'll be wrapping up the entries by end of day July 6th so the Freedoms can get the tickets to you ASAP.

And if you can't make that night, or you don't win the tickets, you can still get a great discount by using coupon code: MOMBLOG2014

The events run for 8 nights, 
Tuesday the 15th to Wednesday the 23rd.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

March 19, 2009 #tbt

I was so thrilled I was heading out, I didn't bother readjusting the camera [yes, camera] to take another selfie where I didn't have to lean down to fit in the shot!
March 19th.

I'll never forget that date, because the twyns were exactly 3 months old on that date.

But of course, they didn't look like three-month-olds.

They looked like death.

No, literally.

This was my *first* outing alone, it was a gorgeous Spring day, and as I carried my little girl facing outwards and she fell asleep, as newborns are oft to do, someone commented to me that she looked like a dead baby.

That was a lovely conversation.

Anywho, I walked out of our apartment, down the street, across four lanes of traffic, past the car dealership, over the hill, around the bend, and across the first parking lot, then down into the shopping center, and across the second parking lot, and back on the sidewalk to my destination.

All with a baby in my carrier and a baby in my stroller. Twynsies. I am a TWIN MOM. I do this with TWINS. I do everything with TWO BABIES.

I really didn't think anything of it at the time. I mean, I knew I was excited, but I didn't think I looked like a crazy lady walking .7 miles on a busy road in the sun with two newborns. That thought did not really occur to me. I was thinking, it's about time I get on the road. These two little gypsies-in-training have to earn their stripes.

Anyways, I reached my destination, a little sweaty, a little wistful. Maybe I was glistening, right?!

There, oh there, was the elusive Starbucks. Front and Center. Only a doorway and a ill-driving stroller between me. and It.

I think someone opened the door for me. It was probably the very first time someone told me,
"Boy you have your hands full, huh?"
WAAaaaaaay before I came up with my favorite response:
"Better than empty!" 
It's not that I want to be snarky in my response, and it's not that people want to sound snarky saying it, but really, what do you think you're saying when you say that?!

I got in the line and it was not long. It was, I think, 10:30 in the morning?? So, past the rush hour, afore the afternoon deluge. I reached the counter quickly, holding back tears, and dug into my still-too-tight-fat-jeans pocket and reached for my crumpled up dollars. I ordered a latte and tried not to spill my entire story to the person taking my money.

I was really emotional about coffee, y'all.

Well let me explain, that too.

Coffee was my little treat in the afternoons at work...

Coffee was something I asked the doctor about upon learning I was pregnant...

Coffee was what I had upon arrival at the NICU each and every day of 45 days to get me through pumping session number 1, and pumping session number 2...

Coffee was, when I happened to have such an awful newborn nighttime that babies' wake-up time was entirely too early and therefore first naptime was a few minutes before Daddy even thought about leaving for work, I could possibly go and purchase next door, although half-brewed and uncared for in a barista-sort-of-way, which gave me a five-minute taste of how 'other people' went about their days in the year 2009, unbeknownst the freedom they had in stopping by the drugstore and dry cleaners on their way to/from other events none of which involved children or spit-up machines.

Coffee. was. special.

Coffee. is. special.

So I didn't spill my guts to the person at the counter on March 19th.

I got my coffee, my special, special coffee, and whirled that stroller [with cup-holder, thankyaverymuch] around to the condiments desk, satisfied in my feat.

Two women sitting next to that area sparked up a conversation with me. They wanted to know how old the kiddies were, and were they twins, and were they early, and such and such.

I started to tell them how this was actually my first outing, and they feigned surprise [read with French accent bien sur], and let me have my little moment as they held the doors open for me to exit.

[Thank you, ladies, for letting me have that moment. I was feeling very special, and, you kinda sealed the deal on that when I tried to retell the story later to my husband in the evening, who didn't quite understand what all the gesturing and posturing was about.]

And when I made it all the way back to the apartment that morning, with the bumps and the streetlights and the heat, and the times I had to stop to replace a paci or two, you know, that coffee wasn't really that fresh anymore.

But it was dammmmmmmmmmmmmn goooooooooooooood.


And I will never forget that day. Let's call it, and Independence Day of sorts.

[Now, 8 months later, when I finally got a babysitter for the first time, that was a whole 'nother independence day HA!]



Speaking of getting something....come back tomorrow for the #giveaway!!

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