Saturday, June 14, 2014

This is why we quilt

Remember how I was talking about the fourth charity quilt I made this Spring, this time donating it to our Moms of Multiples Annual Banquet Raffle? I was hoping it did well. did! 
Last night I won a beautiful blanket at the banquet thinking I would give it to the baby. On further inspection I noticed the caterpillar featured in the Eric Carle books. My son has Autism and even though his reading ability is beyond these books he still fixates on them. He also loves to wrap himself in blankets. He woke up with the blanket this morning as a surprise and besides swimming in the ocean and riding on some rides he has been wearing it ever since. Thank you for bringing unexpected tears of happiness to this Momma. I'm sure you never knew when you made that blanket with love and donated it to the banquet that this kind of joy could exist.

Oh I could just melt into a puddle after this one! 

I received this note from the member who won it, and the funny thing is, I was actually thinking about her baby-on-the-way [perhaps partly because she is one of those super-moms who is pregnant with her sixth, three of which are triplets!], and I was thinking of her the entire time I was creating the quilt, because I knew she would be at the banquet! 

Insert mysterious music here: doo-doo-doo-doo....

So, in case you ever needed any inspiration to honor your own creativity and throw it out into the universe...

Happy weekend; happy creating, friends.

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