Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Business of Business cards

Oh my blog-reading friends, you would have been *so* prouda me!

As I mentioned, I produced yet another charity quilt out of the A Very Hungry Caterpillar fabrics I used for the twyns' preschool auction quilts and submitted that to my Moms of Multiples Club for their annual auction.

I hope it does well.

Well my fellow twin mommy who picked up the quilt mentioned I should give her some business cards for the 'swag bags', to help advertise my little mommy business.

Oh, good idea.

Oh, I don't have those.

I have been meaning to print some up for a while. I'm no stranger to printing, as I was promoting myself as an actress-singer-songwriter for many years before being hired to promote the University of Maryland School of Music for many years. And I've been inserting various 'thank you for your order' pieces into my fulfilled orders thanks to some color copies I printed at my hubby's work and I keep cutting up by hand.

So how to do this official business card thingy quickly? I turned to Staples. I designed it myself online, ordered online, and can pick up in store after 4 hours. 

Sounds like a dream, right? 

[Well, mama did always say if it sounds too good to be true.... ]

I actually decided to order two batches because marketing products are 50% off right now. 

So I got to the store, and one of the cards was cut wrong. 

So they told me they'd fix it. And I told them I'd come back.

So we went for a bear hunt. Naturally

With our "lovey's" of course.
Throwing rocks into the stream is always a great time waster.
No this is not an American Girl ad, sorry.
I get a notification from Staples the order is complete again, so we head back.

It is still messed up.
Witness how they progressively effed up the cutting; 
hint: watch the disappearing "E" in the upper left hand corner
They knew the issue was the cutting, so they were in the process of adding a border to my design to re-print and re-cut.

Well.....that's not really up to you, now is it?

I'm sorry, did you go to design school?

Did it look like I wanted a border?

You know you cut it wrong, right? No, I didn't design it wrong.

I promptly told them I would take the ones that were not cut horribly wrong, and not take the ones they cut wrong. And that I did *not* want a border, that I followed the design parameters online, which suggested I do a 'full-bleed' design, and that's what I did, and that's what I wanted!

Boy. I am never this assertive with anything or anyone. 

It didn't help that while we were waiting for them to explain the situation to me, my daughter asked me:

"What are you doing here? All these people work. 
But you don't work."

I'm not even joking or paraphrasing. That is what she effin' said. That's a WHOLE 'nother thang we gonna get to another day, child.

But even if I'm not making a ton of extra money, if this business of mine has taught me one thing, it's that I can have a thing that's all mine. And I really kinda like that.

So I want it to be just what I want it to be! [insert two-year-old-tantrum in my head.]

So I will tweak the design a bit, and I will re-order from a business that more regularly does printing and not just copying and cutting.

But in the meantime, I'm going to give my friend the best of the crop for her 'swag bags.'

But while we are on this subject, which design do you like better?

Thanks for your input! 

Happy Assertiveness, friends!! 

Let my bitch-iness inspire you and tell me the story!!


  1. I think it depends on where you're going to use them. A little of both perhaps? I, of course, like the comic one best. :)

    I had some printed at Staples and they did a great job. Maybe you hit a bad day? I'm looking forward to getting through these so I can retire them for a new set. :)

    1. Well with 50% off why 'get through'?! It was nice when it was the University's budget and we just needed new ones for a new year...color me spoiled! Glad it worked for you. I'm sure it was just a bad day at the cutting area...we've all had those!!

  2. I like them both but lean towards the superhero one...its a little more eye catching:)


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