Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bow tie quilt c'est fini!

I got started with this project at the beginning of June, and made sure to complete it by the end of June! How nice is that? I mean, the baby is going to be 2 months old before you know it! There's a slight chance I'll see this friend sometime throughout the July 4th weekend, so I wanted to finish it up.

It only took a few sittings: 
Maybe one for the cutting, 
two for the blocks, 
one for the piecing of the blocks together,
one for the borders, 
one for the sandwich-ing
one for the quilting (as you can see, I kept it simple with modern lines to highlight the 'bow-ties'), 
and one for binding & labeling & photographing.
And by "sitting", I mean 2-4 hours spent in the workshop spread throughout the day, perhaps in between feeding and entertaining kids and hubby.

So, if I'm being inspired by Susan @ The Bored Zombie to document my time, that would equal:
8 'sittings' x 2-4 hours = 16-32 hours. I'm going to estimate on the low side of that number, so, say 20 hours to make this baby quilt. That's a weekend! Not bad.
As I mentioned in the first post on this quilt, this a city baby who will be spending time in NYC and Paris throughout her life, and one of her parents makes bow-ties, so I had fun with city fabrics and other prints that looked like bow-tie fabrics.

I also decided to use shirt-ing for the backing, which can be a little slippery and stretchy, but in some ways, that's kinda forgiving. So the final product came out very nice and 'light'. Great for a summer baby.

If you recall, I like the 'self-binding' method, so I trim the top and batting even with each other, and leave about 1 1/2 " of backing all-around the quilt so I can fold it in and sew it as the final border/binding.

If you want to be really neat about this method, then you could pin and iron it down to keep it even all around. I tend to eyeball it.

But since I didn't know exactly how the shirting would respond to the walking foot, I did make a little practice run out of scraps and it proved the shirting would be pretty easy to work with.

So I quilted inside the 'bow-ties' and then inside the white squares, using seam allowance only. I've been liking LOTS of negative space lately.

Not so much, however, that I didn't enjoy making a heart-shaped label that would show through to the other side for the bottom corner. That came out cute.

One of the parents is French, so I attempted to get a little poetic in the label.

And that's it! C'est fini! 

All 'tied' up [hyuk hyuk] and ready to be delivered to sweet baby girl.

Happy Project Day! 

What are you working on this weekend? 

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