Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bow-tie baby quilt with a city twist

Oh I'm so excited to get started on this project!!

No I'm not caught up on my other nineteen million projects, but I just started cutting and piecing this easy baby quilt and I couldn't stop.

I'm using 12 inch block size in this tutorial.

The fun part about this baby quilt, is that the parents just got married in Paris (because one of them is from France), and they live in NYC!

So I'll be representing both cities in the design. of them makes bow ties!! They were featured in the Martha Stewart American Made contest this past year.

So this pattern immediately spoke to me when thinking about a baby quilt for their new baby girl, who was born a little early two weeks ago (hence the timetable of this project got moved up in my studio.)

3 of 12 blocks complete in  just under 30 minutes!!
NYC block #1 features the Guggenheim, Flat Iron Building, Chrysler Building and Central Park Fountain!
Paris Block #1 featuring the Left Bank, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower!
Wouldn't you like to know what other blocks I have in store?? 

More to come on this one, I'm sure! 

It's so super cute I can't wait to finish. 

Happy Project Day! 

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