Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Enjoying the stillness of negative space, and sewing room reno continued

I am finally. FINALLY. after 8 years of quilting, starting to get it.

What makes a design truly pop, is the blankness next to it.

None of these 5,000 novelty print fabrics are gonna cut it for me anymore!

I want white, white, white, white-on-white and off-white to attach itself to each and every quilt I have in my hot little head.

As I mentioned, I went about designing and building a fourth charity quilt out of the A Very Hungry Caterpillar panels and fabrics I had purchased for the twyns' preschool friends handprint quilts I created for the school's auction.

I had so much left. I still have so much left, but that's my problem.

Well, it's also your problem if you follow this blog regularly, as I am continually ranting on and on about fabric storage and fabricoholism. Fabriholicism? Fabrickleness. Whatevs.

Anywho, this 2014 I have discovered, through my:
  • focusing on meaningful projects
  • saying no to many things
  • taking a break from social media for Lent
  • and a desire to create pretty things
  • (and not to mention the recent devouring of the book eat pray love)
that I must also enjoy the negative space in my life in order for the bright moments to truly pop. 

I must be able to host stillness in my life, in order to hear the creative spirit within me.

I'm still working on creating my space to inspire this little spirit. Phase 2 of sewing room reno (see phase 1 here.)

Started filing my fabric thanks to the idea from Sew Many Ways blog [still much more to go!]
Mounted little baskets from the sewing table like in the Lego table I made for the twyns
Will mount a magnetic strip for my scissors on the side of the cutting table
Will be hanging my fave decorations from my previous sewing space
And some new decorations I've purchased over the years.
I must trust myself and my desires, and honor them with a full day of work on them, rather than in between preparing lunches and school pickup and fulfilling ten ETSY orders. 

Perhaps it is also a function of my getting more adventurous with the quilting part of the quilt-making.

The design in the quiet spots.

So with this latest charity quilt, I put together some panels and triangles...

Started to look at what else could go with them...

And decided a lot of white could fill the gaps nicely.

Then set about...

Piecing it together...
And now onto quilting...
Trying to be happy in the work, happy in the creating, and happy in the empty spots, too.

Fitting, since the twyns have preschool graduation in a few hours! 


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  1. Ashley - This looks great! I love how you filled in the spaces!


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