Friday, May 30, 2014

Bawling, emotional, photographic #funforfriday

This week was my birthday, and since I've had children, and it falls around the 'start' of summer fun, it always ends up in their favor. 

The Devon Horse Show was this year's "Mommy's Birthday Party", as the kids like to call it, and darn it if I didn't have a lot of guests this year! 

Me + 4 kids on the Ferris Wheel
Excitement over the crappy carnival games
Trying not to cry; enjoying my life
Oh yeah - we went with our besties, of course
Then hit gymnastics class with the same motley crew. 
We then managed to meet up with the hubbys for dinner with the whole gang! Thanks, besties!! But there is no photographic evidence. Meltdowns were imminent. Wine was being consumed in anticipation.

Why don't we ever take a photo of the mommies, eh!?!? 

But this photo, I have lots of. Specifically, first day *sniff* of preschool and last *sniff* day of preschool....

I hate these monkeys so much. 

[I may have contemplated throwing myself at the preschool director after she told me the music teacher was retiring, but I held back. I think I work in Higher Education....I think I may face that hairy idea another day when my mascara isn't running....]

Happy Friday!!! 

Are we excited about summer!?! 

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