Thursday, May 1, 2014

AccuQuilt Block Design Contest & My twyns butterflies

As you may recall I created three separate handprint quilts for the three different classes at my twyns' preschool last month, and they all did well at the Auction.

I carefully chose three patterns that I thought would showcase the handprints the best, but when it came time to do my kids' class, the biggest one with 24 kids, I just couldn't use a pattern.

I needed something special. These were my twyns and there were actually another set of twyns in the class whom are their best friends forever, so I had to combine them somehow!

Keeping with the Eric Carle themes, I came up with the butterfly! And in the center of the quilt, I used an Eric Carle panel from A Very Hungry Caterpillar, of course. See the creation of that quilt in this post here.

Now it is May so you can start voting for my quilt block design at the AccuQuilt Block Design Contest. There are prizes at many levels, including just for voting, so please go on over, check out all the gorgeous competition, and vote for mine here.

You can vote everyday in the month of May.

Or just one time and I'll be your BFF.

Ok the rain is still here but I'm feeling a little more inspired to get to work in my new digs, having browsed through some posts on

Although, what I really want to sew today, is a dress for my daughter using these fantastic prints:

Let's get to work, shall we?


  1. Cute block Ashley, I voted for it and hope you will vote for mine too :)


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