Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A cautionary tale

My Uncle is a broken man.

His marriage is broken, his body is broken, his relationships with many important people in his life, are broken.

Many things have affected him over the years.

But if you ask me what's at the center of his own personal apocalypse, it's music.

It's his love of music, his love of creation and his love of the attention and need for that 'rush' of applause and adoration that drove him into a tail spin at a very early age.

Ok, so it was the 60s.

If I had lived in the 60s, I would certainly be a broken person as well.

I might not have actually lived through the 60s.

I definitely inherited his adventurous spirt.

We leap first, then look.

What was that thing about getting your feet wet? No, we get our heads wet first.

Why just stop at the feet?? 

Anyways, I don't mean to air all of his dirty laundry here, I just had a flash that I was

Or maybe, I was meant to, but watching him struggle with his demons all my life gave me a glimpse of my possible future and I always ran the other way.

I ran from music. I chose anything but music when possible. And yet, it keeps knocking on my proverbial door. 

I love it so, and I still have within me, the music. So here's my flash:

I have a friend who is producing a show next month and has invited me to perform with her. So that'll be fun. 

You know, no strings, no!

So it inspired me to write a song for her. I doubt it will be her style, or would be ready to be produced and up on the stage in a month, but it just got me thinking how much I like to write for other people and wouldn't it be a great career if I could just be a ...



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