Wednesday, May 14, 2014

$40 Kitchen Table Set Makeover #namasDIY

So....did I not take a before pic?

Damn. I didn't take a before pic. 

Ah well. 

I did do this project over a week's time, so I had a chance to take this side-by-side before-and-after pic of the chairs! 

This was super easy, y'all. 

A few years ago we received this dinette set from my brother, 
who had, prior to letting it rot out in his garage, 
received it from our mother. 

[It's like, the hand-me-downs go by age-of-kids ;)]

So we took it from drab to fab with a white-paint-and-orange-plaid-fabric makeover five years ago.

And now it's drab again. 

[or maybe it always kinda was?]

Quick & Dirty:
  • I unscrewed and stapled some new fabric on the cushion-y parts, 
  • sanded, wiped down, and spray-painted the wooden parts.
  • tried to remember how to reassemble.


Then off to the playground. 

Slow & Painful Detailed Version: 
1. I went to Joann's and bought 3.5 yards of outdoor fabric ($5/yard with 50% off coupon = $17.50.) I could have gotten away with less, but I always like to err on the side of more so that I can make placemats, runners, etc. In this case I also had two white accent chairs for which I thought about making cushions. [Spoiler alert, I did, but the design is not tutorial-worthy by any stretch.]

I was choosing between a small print & a larger, more modern print. You know mama loves fabric ;)
2. Next, I sized out the fabric cuts. I used pinking shears to keep it neat and to eliminate the need to sew or fold-over the edges too much.

3. I alternated coats of paint with stapling fabric. I stapled them like I would wrap a present - a triangle-corner thingy and fold it all down and...staple! By the way, the staple gun needed more force than the drill. Good thing I have mucho muscles. Staple gun & staples were already in my stash, so: free.

4. I explained to my husband at dinner that night that he was not to discuss the project before it is complete, LOL!
Note green handprint on table. Yea, I'm sick of that.
5. The next chance I got, I took the table outside, removed the leaf, and sanded and painted it, too. All in all, three cans of spray paint at $3.60 each = $10.80. Sandpaper, about $2. You want to sand with the grain of the table to get the best results, and make sure you wipe down the whole thing so there is no dust left on the piece.

It actually took three and a half coats to get it nice and glossy.
6. I gave the rest of the pieces two days in the garage to fully 'cure' and off-gas before bringing them inside.

 I also got this cute little matching circular rug at Ikea for under the pedestal base for $10.
Ikea Flinga Rug $9.99
7. Complete! I will, someday, turn that strip of fabric on top of the table into a runner and/or placemats.

Got this pretty thing for Mother's Day and it gave the splash of color this new black-and-white modern set needed!

That's $40, y'all.

I would've spent more, but you know,
the kids are gonna crap it up in about two days time.

Happy Crafting! 


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