Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What I learned from my Facebook fast

Happy Easter! The Lenten season is over!
So I mentioned I tried to give up social media for Lent.

That didn't entirely work.

I did stay away from Facebook, which is my primary temptation, and I turned off all notifications on my phone, so that helped to keep the beasties away, but...

As you know, I still blogged.

(Because I couldn't decided if that counted or not.)

I still mentioned said blogging on my Facebook page.

(Because otherwise how would you know I blogged.)

(Actually I found my 'hits' were slower to build but still reached the same height...who needs fb?! Wellllll, let's not get craz-ay...)

And I still scoped out my kids' photos on their preschool's Facebook page when bestie told me to do so.

(Because they are kinda adorable and I'm kinda obsessed with them.)

(I can say this right now because they are not presently in my presence.)

But otherwise I have to say, I did not miss the distraction of the computer. I even had to turn it on to pay my bills!

And I didn't miss the carpel tunnel from constantly scrolling through my phone at everyone's posts whenever I had a spare moment.

It was supremely hard at first! And I had no problem diving back into my addiction yesterday.

But it was good. It is good to break yourself of all-consuming habits sometimes.

And since I can't seem to adhere to real diets, my Facebook diet was a good exercise.

Oh does that count for exercise too??

What I learned: 

1. Not everything you/your children do is share-worthy. I often wrote down cute little things they said or something that popped in my head, thinking I might share it when Lent was over, but when I look at it now, eh. 

2. Not everyone is being truthful in their posts. There is no. effin. way. people are as perfect as they say they are! Take even me, for instance. I found some hidden pressure from within to make sure people knew when I had a successful moment in the middle of the day. How could I not share this?! But when I thought about how that related to what other people must be sharing, it made me feel better. They are not perfect. I am not perfect. We don't have to share everything to prove that one way or the other. Just relax and think everyone/everything is fine, and it is. Magic!

3. People will still care. I started texting with some friends with whom I normally communicate through Facebook. Even some phone calls! Which is actually nice! (When the kids aren't in the background diffusing any chance of complete conversation.) I started sharing via email with the grandparents and friends, and I gave up on random people finding my stories via Twitter, Google +, and Facebook, etc.

4. It's a diversion, not an activity. I really picked my head up and looked around more! I found different ways of diffusing my own anger when the kids upset me, and I channeled my energies into quilting, reading, cleaning, DIY projects... I had a little more headspace to plan dinners and family time. It's really a bonus to my day, not fueling any other part of my purpose in the universe. It's great to share your every move, but it doesn't necessarily have to happen in that moment. A little time and a little editing make for a more *quality* sharing moment (Like blogging! ;-b) My life isn't any different, just less noisy when I take a break from it. And sometimes, you need the noise! But sometimes you just. don't. 

5. I vacillate between the desire to stalk and the desire to share. Because I just couldn't help myself from blogging, I think I realized I may tip the scale over towards more of a compulsion to share rather than to stalk. And I know people who are the opposite. Being a performer, this is no surprise. But I wonder if that makes me look self-centered. At the very core of me is just a VERY. SOCIAL. person. And I like to bring out sharing in others by sharing first. And with my pedigree, stalking is seriously hazardous to my health! So it's not a bad thing to hang back once in a while when more than half the people I know are doctors, lawyers, professional performers or tech gurus. I heart you all! But I have to go wipe my son's ass. 'Scuse me.

All in all it was a good little exercise and I recommend it if you are considering. But it truly takes a full week or two to start to feel the effects and get in the groove; you can't just go for a day. Hmmmm, that's what people say about all diets....maybe I should take my own advice...Now onto that juice fast...bikini season is upon us!!! I'm about 10 pounds up from last year, y'all...so the beer belly's back in black and if you see me on the street make me drop and give you 20!!!
I do this for YOU, folks. You could never embarass yourself as much as I do ME!
Psst! Thanks for checking out the blog today. 
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Have a great week!

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  1. I think you're beautiful exactly as you are! :)

    I don't love being on social media. I'd much rather be social IRL. I sort of half hearted do it, because I feel like I need to if I want to be seen and I do want to be seen! :)


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