Monday, April 28, 2014

Splitting up - sewing room Reno

You know how you have those moments in your marriage when you just want to call it quits, split up all the assets and go your separate ways?

Yea that's what I'm doing. 

In the office. 

I'm taking my sewing space out of my bedroom (yes, I've been creating everything in my bedroom for the last 2 1/2 years!) and taking over sharing space with my hubby in his office. 

You may think I'm invading his "man cave" but he had actually been suggesting this since his master bedroom starting "looking like a sweat shop", as he put it. 

And although our office doubles as a guest room with a pull out couch, I started seeing the possibilities of how it could be "my" creative space as well.
So here's where we started...Hubby's desk in front of the window
Couch on wall opposite doorway, bookshelves lining wall opposite window
Now couch is opposite window with less bookshelves
And Hubby and I are sharing the window side of the room
And rather than fighting design schemes, I'm trying to go tongue-in-cheek and literally split it up: have a little whimsy on my side, a little dark and masculine on his side. I even started separating the books, rather than keep them in "categories" as before (my art books didn't really ever meet his business books anyway.) 
(But I am sad the Harry Potter books belong on his side of the room.)
And I'm definitely hiding the college yearbook on his side. I don't think I bought that thing. I look stinking' hideous!! 

I think the funniest thing so far is that I thought this room didn't have enough light for me to create. 

Turns out hubby just never opened up the blinds!!! 

Speaking of hubby, he kept trying to help me move furniture this weekend but I didn't want to subject him to my need to visualize and adjust. After today I realize I was really craving some symmetry. Sure they may have been better configurations-and we can always change it again-but I was digging this layout at first.

 Hubby convinced me to let go of one bookcase right at the helm and I'm going to get a little drawer unit at Ikea sometime this week.

Oh someone's gonna need to make something for over the couch. Hmmmm.....
I also picked up some fabric memo boards and an old table-top ironing board at our church sale for a whopping $8! Yes they need recovering, but I think I got a little fabric tucked away somewhere around here...

"White. A blank page or many possibilities..."
So that's what's going on Chez TwynMawrMom this week! And for weeks to come, I'm sure, I'll be feathering my nest. And I'll share better pics!

I'm starting to realize that I need to nurture my creativity like a little baby. I was always stuffing this baby in corners and trying to keep it quiet (unless I was on stage, which isn't happening much these days.) Well I'm trying to let baby grow. So baby needs to sleep in her own room!!!

Now to get that fabric baby out of my closet...[that baby is HUGE...]

How about you? 
Have you honored yourself/your creativity 
with your own little space? 
Any fabric storage solutions ya got?


  1. I store my fabric in clear plastic bins, sorted by color (because, of course I do!) But! That's only my cotton quilting fabric. Now that I'm starting to sew more clothes for the girls, I'm beginning to collect more fabric that is non-woven cotton fabric, and I still have to figure out how to sew that fabric. For now, all non-quilting fabric is stored in a bin under my cutting table. Once you figure it out, please share!

    1. Yes I'm starting to look like a fabric store with all my different categories! The best post I've seen so far is from Sew Many Ways; I'm definitely using her ideas as much as possible. The filing cabinet thing would be GREAT if I were neat in putting my fabric away. I already have a filing cabinet. I've pinned a lot of the things I've found so far! :) I'll keep you posted...


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