Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seek not and ye shall find

So....I forgot to tell y'all that I was giving up social media for Lent...

And I basically didn't forget forget, I just didn't know if blogging qualified or not.

Like, I don't usually get lost in blogging...I have my blogs I like reading, and I have my blog posts that I like writing...and that's usually it. It's not an everyday, mind-numbing experience like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

I find myself just perusing those sites for hours, and not listening to the TV show I actually enjoy watching, or my husband, who is actually saying something worth listening to [it happens]...it is actually a bit of a stress relief at times...if I get frustrated by my children, I'll quick open up fb on my phone, and get lost in the stories...weird!?!

So I thought I'd resist the temptation for a little while and focus on my meaningful projects, preparing for the Broad Street Run again, and, oh yeah, cooking a [relatively] healthy dinner and cleaning [or trying to clean] the house, etc...you know...mom stuff...

But in the meantime, of course, I've been less lulled into the blogging world as well!

[it's been a little on the nice side, I have to say, just un-plugging in general...I did slip up once already...but don't tell anybody...]

Sorry if you've missed some TwynMawrMom pizazz in your life! Here goes my latest rant...

I made a commitment to these three charity quilts for my kids' preschool and decided to say no to anything that got in the way... not the least of which, my own distracted mind! I even put the ETSY shop on vacay mode...

My daughter has been helping me with design ideas
As soon as I made that commitment, my collaborator decided we should apply for a grant for our musical, and that had me side-lined for about 3 weeks of whatever-time-I-could-apply-to-it. I really wanted to flesh out all the songs and add layers upon layers of instrumentation. But like, I'm not an orchestrator!! I did my best. I feel good about what we submitted, and as my collaborator said, it's good to give us an internal deadline like that to help take the work to the next finished level. It could always be worked on, but you have to bring the work to a point where you can step back and look at it as a whole finished being. So that was March 7th.

A rare moment of outside play in these last few weeks of Winter
I have missed the last two Moms of Multiples Exchange Sales in my club and after Christmas/Twyn Birthday we were brimming over with baby toys. I had to sell. It was not an option. And therefore I had to learn our new electronic system of tagging, and while I was at it, I just usually volunteer to work the whole sale day. So between consolidating our stuff, entering it into the system, prepping it and tagging it, transporting it, loading it in, working the sale and cleaning up, it took another week of my whatever-time-I-could-apply-to-it. That was March 8th.

My car loaded up for the sale. And I had an *almost* empty return trip!
So I had already ranted about the lack of auditions I've been able to complete this season. January/February/March are usually a hotbed of activity as the local theatres prepare and audition for the next year's WHOLE season. Well not a lot of roles/plays applied to my skillset/look/age, and the one thing I was holding out for: Dolly Parton's 9 to 5: the musical, to be produced at the Walnut, had filled up all of its audition slots even though I called the minute I got the email. So fine. I used one of my "no's" of "14 in 2014" [I'm up to 4 now woohoo] and told them I didn't want to be put on the standby list. Lo and behold, I got a call two weeks later that there was a cancellation and I will be able to audition. So of course I couldn't say no. That'll be March 31st.

So needless to say I'm behind on the quilts and Broad Street. But you know me, I'll catch up real quick! 

I have a few more posts coming your way...hubby and I hit Valley Forge Casino on a date night and my bestie and I tried a Fluid Cycling spin class today! We've had some piano lesson ups and downs, and we hit the Please Touch Museum for the 'last' time as members...I REGISTERED THE TWYNS FOR KINDERGARTEN, UGH!...life goes on...And as you know, I always have an opinion...


How about you? 
Ever say no, only to have that thing come right back atcha!?! 

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  1. My goodness! You've been busy! Good luck with everything you've got your hands in, I'm sure it will all work out amazing. :)


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