Monday, March 31, 2014

GPAA 2014 Audition Report

Now I know how Idina feels. 
Let's just say that it was the kind of audition that makes you glad you took the extra five minutes at home to put the next load of laundry in the washer before you left.

There's only so much you can blame on the pianist, but he really did play slowly. I remember this from the last two auditions with him. I gave him some specific instructions, specific tempo count-out with snaps and all, but to no avail. How can you win in the audition world when the casting directors want to hear something new, but the pianists don't want to play something new? Rant, whine, whine, #firstworldperformerproblems. So although I have to admit that I'm a little out of shape both vocally and physically, and therefore my breath support wasn't there for me, I did try to signal to him and pick up the pace quite a bit. And of course anytime you leave the moment mentally to make a subtle indication to the pianist, you are leaving the character out in space. So I lost the character and subsequently lost the emotion which subsequently meant those gorgeous high notes, which are only possible with emotion strung into them, literally fell flat.

I was also extremely flustered by the fact that I had trouble finding street parking so I parked in the lot last minute. This also happens every single time I go. So basically I'm living in groundhog audition day.

*Also* although I had an appointment at 11:24, and you're supposed to check in 45 minutes early, when I checked in they took me 45 minutes early. So obviously they had some cancellations that morning. I walked in off the street and was sent backstage. Again, just flustered me. Always have your lipstick on, ladies!!

Skipped straight past the green room waiting area to backstage.
This is the back of the
Arsenic & Old Lace set at the Walnut.
Things that I got right this audition was to be more myself. I wore something comfortable and sexy; not trying to look too old or too young just trying to be me. Also, I had fun with my introduction this time. Which is, if you know me, very me. They ask you to state where you are from in your introduction so of course I said, "Hello my name is Ashley Turba. And if you haven't already guessed it, I'm from the [insert Ms. Howell's affect and drape hand on hip] Main Line darling."  That was the most fun. And it all went downhill from there. 

Outfit - black pants, black shirt, bling belt
Well I shouldn't say that because I'm also very happy with my audition piece choices. I chose a newer, more modern piece from 2008 titled "Woman" from The Pirate Queen,  which I have been working on for several months. And I also decide to go with an old standby by Faith Hill called "Better Days". Just the fact that I chose to do two songs, as opposed to a song and a monologue, or two monologues (you have three minutes to fill the time as you see fit), is also a great reflection of me. Although most of the Philadelphia theaters are looking for straight actors (meaning no singing - there's not a lot of big budgets to do big musicals), I am going to again stay true to myself and show them my best.
The "at bat" area, aka where regret and fear are suppressed with lipstick and stretching
So I'll keep you posted if I get any attention at all from this call. I'm hoping to get a call about 9 to 5, of course...I hear that they usually choose the understudies from the ensemble, so I'd love to get in on that action. I think I showed enough country sass for a callback for that show, at least.

Mostly, though, I like to keep my name on their minds and remind them what a suburban superstar I am. And that I'm not going anywhere until they hire me.

Like I mentioned in my pre-audition post [with rehearsal video, hint hint], I will be posting the twyns' handprint school quilts/patterns this week...the auction is Friday night so I'm excited for that 'debut'!

Mama's gotta get some attention where she can ;) 

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