Friday, February 28, 2014

This is becoming a habit #skifamily #funforFriday

Here we are, a little over two weeks after our first time on skis, and we've conquered Mountain #2! 
We were lucky to take advantage of a beautiful sunny day this week!
Well, we wanted to solidify what the twyns learned in the same season since we've been "blessed" with all this snow. And, as fate would have it, we live less than 75 minutes away from many ski-worthy mountains. 

And I say mountains because my husband, despite his own father's prejudices, has now had his eyes widened to the possibilities. It was still not quite up to his full-time skiing standards, but as a family trip, more than worthwhile to fill out the season. Blue Mountain is, apparently, 1200 vertical feet, as opposed to Stratton's 1900. Still. A Mountain.

Parking was just a hop away from the rental entrance and lodge.
Blue Mountain was very easy to get to, just a straight shot up 476, and, on a weekday morning, uncrowded and relatively lovely! The lodge and cafeteria is not much to speak of ($35 for a family of four full of fast food), but the kids' lesson was great, the rental process seamless, and the kids had a good time practicing their stops & turns, with only one other friend in the class. Once we fed them, we headed over to the learning area, and they had a moving platform at the bottom part of the bunny hill, and a chair lift at the top part of the bunny hill for us my husband to teach them some more. 

Right....teach the kids...

So back up. When we put the kids in their lesson for two hours in the morning (10-12), my husband set about teaching me some more. We started at the bunny hill and I flat out didn't remember how skiing was supposed to happen. Took me a few runs down before I started "getting it" again, engaging the knees, keeping loose up top, that my husband could take me up to the top for my first 'real' green slope. I did try one at Stratton, but it was technically half of one, and I technically fell my way down as part of my final group lesson. 

Here's what I learned from that group lesson: don't learn in groups. You are TwynMawrMom. You do not learn like others. You do not make progress when trying to entertain the crowd.

But in front of my husband, I can be as goofy as I wanna be, and - dare I say - I NAILED IT. 
I said I was going to fall four times down that slope, and I only fell THREE. 

That, my friends, is what we call AWESOME SAUCE.

So, for your Friday fun, I give you a taste of my skillzzzz: 
(no cameramen were harmed in the filming of this video)

(you know I do this sh** just to entertain you, right??)

So as you can see we had a nice little romantic weekday morning 10 am date.

And made sure to teach the children that skiing is more important than school.

And the highlight of the day would have to be the fact that my son, like his father before him, got up on that chair lift and never looked back.

A skier is born! 

(Well, he may have been born 5 years ago, but we're just figuring it out. )

So have you ever played hooky with the kids to give them an adventure? 


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