Friday, February 7, 2014

#quilterproblems #funforFriday

In continuing my #problem series, and recently inspired by the #Sochiproblems phenomenon, here's your fun for Friday. 

A little peek into our world:

1. The moment you stop, bend down and squint at something on the floor, trying to decipher if its a wayward thread or a bug. It's a dead bug. Ew. No wait. It's thread.

2. The moment you realize you know the difference between turquoise, peacock, and robin's egg blue, and don't have the right one in your stash when you need it. 

3. The moment you desperately ask your husband whether you should stitch diagonally or just in the ditch to get it done by the baby shower and he just yawns and walks away as if this isn't a critical choice.

4. The moment the bobbin runs out. One inch before the finish. THE FINISH.

5. So much fabric. Soooo little closet space.

6. The moment the children want to "help" mommy but veer significantly from color wheel/balance.

7. Friends admire your "quilting" before you've attached batting & backing. How to explain...

8. Will NOT hand-sew binding. Must NOT hand finish binding. Have carpel tunnel. Must find a way to do it on machine. 

9. The moment when you know you should hand finish the binding. 

10. Driving away from the shower, feeling accomplished at having finished the quilt on time and seeing dear mommy-to-be's gracious face, then realizing you forgot the label. 



Anymore to add to the list? 

1 comment:

  1. check. check. check. May I add the moment when you go to snip a seam and snip a little too far? Gah! I get so mad every.time.


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