Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Main Line Parent magazine's Mom's Night Out for Camps #mno4camps

Hmm...where to begin about this great night out?

Let's start with the fact that in the same playdate, my fellow mommies and I were talking about:  
a) where to sign the kids up for summer camp, and 
b) how to have 'one last hurrah' before our friend has her third baby next month.

And the answer was: Mom's Night Out for Camps! Perfect.

You know I love a two-for-one [*cough* twyns].

This was actually a really great way to get many-for-one. 

[I promise this post is not sponsored, I just had a great ol' time.]

Wine & refreshments: check.
The entry fee for myself and my friends was $5 per person, but for each event (there are several more, see here), many early registrants will receive free admission, and there are also VIP registrations for an additional fee that include extra goodies. All of the wine, food, and !sample cupcakes! are free.
Massage: check.
Also free. One of my friends had had two straight nights of wake-up-calls with her almost-three-year-old, so when the woman from KOP Wellness Center offered a massage, we all said: HER, and she collapsed into the chair immediately. Nice way to start the night.
Photo: John Sturgis Photography

Makeover: check.

Photo: John Sturgis Photography
The ladies at Hairs To You were great and we learned they consider themselves a "family salon" so they have kids' cuts! Right here in Bala.
Shopping: check.
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I'm always amazed at the many mommy-friendly businesses there are out there. I'm sure our mothers would have killed for some stretchy dresses that could look good over their workout clothes, or gaucho pants that could double as a dress. Who knew? Thanks Jockey!
 Red Carpet Moment: check.

Photo: John Sturgis Photography
*Sigh.* As I watch another snowfall begin outside my window, I am reminded: we needed this. Added bonus: borrowed bling from Stella & Dot stylist Pauline Han.
Catch up with Main Line Parent Magazine Publishers, learn what's now: check

Photo: John Sturgis Photography
Sarah Bond and Pamela Badolato at Main Line Parent have become the gurus of the Main Line parenting community - well, they did create it!! So it's always fun to chat with them and see what's the latest and greatest happening about town. For the kids, I mean...Yeah, yeah...it's all about the kids... ;) 
Bid [and win] Silent Auction items: check.
So in the span of two hours we also managed to have fun with the new HandBid app this event used to host a silent auction. There were some physical items there, like a Tory Burch purse, but also some great deals at the camps that were represented! I actually bid and won a Garces Restaurant Group gift certificate. This was a no-brainer for me as my husband and I love the Garces restaurants we have been to, and have a goal to hit all of them before we die or leave Philly, whichever comes first ;) They are fantastic. And what a bonus to my night! 
Research Camps: check.
You are so lucky this guide they gave at the event is available online as well. It is a great primer for us 'newbies.' I have dabbled in a few camps for the kids around the Main Line, but now that they are five, this opens up a whole new world of camps. And it was great to chat with some of the sleep-away-camp directors, as (yes, the actual directors were there), and we can start looking into these options as early as age 7. 
My favorite tidbit was when I asked the directors what the focus of their camps were, and they responded: "CAMP." With as specialized a society as we've become, and as a professional parent who designs to build prodigies, it was a breath of fresh air and a reminder that childhood is sacred. TOTALLY want. to send. my kids. to CAMP CAMP.
Photo: John Sturgis Photography
I have heard so many wonderful things about Riverbend in Gladwyne, and it was great to reinforce those things directly. I learned they have programs and camps year-round, including those days kids are off from school. 
Photo: John Sturgis Photography
After chatting with Iain at Camp Twin Creeks, I can't wait to see it. It's a few hours drive away in West Virginia, but they have a 'family night' at the beginning of each summer to help orient everyone and give them an 'open house' type experience. My husband would be all over this. No technology. No distractions. Just you and the open air. Can the parents go??
Reminder that #twinmommiesrule : check.

Photo: John Sturgis Photography
Photo: John Sturgis Photography
You know how you see your friends on Facebook everyday, and comment on the daily ups and downs, but never actually SEE them in person?? Yeah, these little events help bring us all out of our snow boots and laptops. Remember that we are not just our profile pictures ;).
Go check out the next four #mno4camps - they have spread them out around the Philly area. I promise, even if you are settled on your camp decisions for this year, it will be good food for thought in your future years, and good food [and drink] period.

And how about you? 
Have you had a great [mom's] night out recently? 

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