Friday, January 10, 2014

"The Voice" audition choices

Forgot I signed up to audition for "The Voice" here in Philly tomorrow! So help me decide what to sing.

You only get time to sing a verse and one chorus. You sing a Capella.

I did audition in NYC for them two years ago and sang Annie Lennox "Cold" and sang my face off. No response. 

So my "strategy" this time might be to try an original tune, just to show them who I am. 

But there have been other requests (on fb) do I get myself into this sh**!!

Here's the whole original song, with me playing. Hopefully sometime I can upload the audio file of my professional recording:

I don't see any real winners here.

Tell me what you think! Don't be shy.

Ok gotta get the kids and run to the dentist! Real life, people! 


  1. Wow! Cool!! I don't know a thing about singing so I'm not much help. When I watch shows like the voice and american idol, I tend to like the more subtle performances better than the big ones. I, of course, only turn it off the 80s XM station for the easy listening station. Pretty sure that means I dont count!

    Good luck! It's awesome that you're going for it. :)

    1. Thank you! Yes a little crazy but us 80's easy-listeners can still shake a tail-feather every now and then!! We DO still count! :)

  2. Your voice is amazing, that is all I really can say about it :)

    1. Aw shux ;) We all have our talents, speedy!!


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