Friday, January 17, 2014

The hazards of quilting #funforFriday

I may have mentioned to you bumping my hip on various tables this weekend thus sustaining an injury from a certain item in my sewing area, but let me explain...

That's not even the half of it!!

I typically, while sewing, hold the seam ripper or a straight pin in my mouth so as to quickly pull through threads and tie them off on the other side. 

Don't ask me how many times I have forgotten it was in my mouth when I go, to say, take a drink from my coffee, thus spilling my coffee all over myself and/or accidentally ending up with a pin in my mouth for one half second while I run to the sink to spit out the contents of my mouth so as not to swallow the pin. 

Or how about if I have to make a quick move while sewing, and my hand ends up by my face, thus getting speared in the process by whatever is sticking out of my mouth. 

This is the narrow passageway by which I must move in and out of my sewing area. Whoever designed this is a fool. 

(It's me, by the way.)

Because I broke the base of the iron long ago, and I mean, before I had children and a sewing business so there's no excuse, it is particularly shaky and will fall to the floor at the drop of a hat. Or hip, as the case may be. My only saving grace is that I usually have it pointed out so it usually falls the other direction, not my foot. 

But on this particular day, when I was frantically in the throes of the final stages of my latest quilt, I managed to knock off the pincushion on the left side, step on it with my left foot, to which I replied by screeching and hopping right, to which the iron responded by bowing inwards and falling on top of my good/right/not-currently-punctured-with-a-teapot-shaped-pincushion-filled-with-you-guessed-it:pins, thus rendering me incapable of standing, and falling to my knees, thankfully outside the sewing triangle, otherwise I would have likely hit my head on the table. 

I won't even get started with the bowl full of oatmeal I shattered this week, because it wasn't technically a sewing injury, I was just distracted by a sewing idea...

And you must think I'm really stupid if I still tried to pick up the spoon filled with oatmeal in the mess and take a bite...

Because glass really does shatter so you are likely to get a crunchy bit even if it looks clean on the spoon and you are damn hungry...

And don't ask me how many band aids have resulted from when I do this:

Happy Friday! Stay safe this weekend! 
Do you injure yourself doing something you love?!? 

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  1. lol, you may been a redesign for you own safety! I tend to get my finger caught under the needle when FMQing. It only went through once - I do not recommend!


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