Saturday, January 18, 2014

Take two and call me in the...hereafter

In the past three months I have been prescribed two daily medications.


I guess this is (almost) 40.

I've been avoiding this for a long time.

It's not like, anything major, I just am not consistent in anything I do. 

Are you surprised?

I can't even take a daily multivitamin (although my new internist says this is no longer de rigeur anyways)...

I'm really bad at daily maintenance. The only time I worked out every day is in preparation for a race, or as a result of being bullied.

So, fear,  I guess. Fear is what motivates me. Or GLORY. Yes, let's call it glory.

Because one of the daily medications is an eyedrop called Restasis. And it's like, what's my motivation? My eyes are dry, yes. Ten years ago I went in for Lasik evaluation and they described them as "Dry as the Sahara". And that was ten years ago. And I have been less and less able to wear contacts, it's fact I've restricted myself to using them for for the four hours of scuba diving I do each year. And in those humid climates, it hasn't been a problem. And now they are no longer "Sahara Dry" so much as,
This past follow-up (the two week check-up) the doc even went so far as to say, "Wait until Menopause, then you'll really be suffering."

Thank you. Thanks for that.

Because I was looking forward to Menopause for so many other reasons. [insert eye roll]

I have no patience for this. For the first two weeks she wanted me to do three different types of drops which amounted to 8 doses daily.

8 times a day!?! That's like, formula feeding schedule. Only worse, because there is not a baby-sized-alarm that goes off for this.

I lasted 10 days. I ran out of one of the drops, thank God. And I felt that justified me from taking a second as often. So I was down to like, three doses a day.

Then the follow-up. She started to say, "I'd like you to taper the first drop..."

"Oh well I ran out of that one."

"Oh? Well don't get a new bottle. I guess we are done with that. Ok well up the dose on the second..."

So...back to 6 doses a day. And a warm compress. And some kind of natural oil supplement.

"Flaxseed, Fish oil, primrose...doesn't matter..."

Interesting that she likened them all the same. So I will be asking Dr. Google about that one...

And a humidifier. Another thing I have been loathe to go back to, because again, I am not consistent, so the emptying and cleaning of filters and cannisters is something I would compare to trimming children's toenails. I'll do it when it's hurting someone.

And the humidifier filters don't really talk to me.

So anywho....I'm just telling you all of this because I might blog here and there about my results of my new regimen. See what makes a real difference.

Although, I don't know how we are going to measure progress, other than the doc giving me a thumbs up and/or me being able to successfully open my eyelids upon waking.

I'm on: 2 doses of restasis per day, 3-4 drops of systane or refresh-type natural drops in capsule form (there's the worst part, little capsules I have to keep track of), and 15 minute warm compress per day (15 minutes of stillness, hello? do you know me?) and some type of ingested oil supplement (shall I just check into the Retirement Home, see if they are ready for my membership application?)

So now this post is too long. But I was going to tell you about my other daily: reflux medication. I go to bed with an acid reducer, and I've supplemented with a natural stomach-lining product called Glutamine powder, first thing in the morning. I have noticed a difference, however, the eye doc says acid reducers are my eyes' enemies...

So then there's that!

Hubby is home from quarter end and says he's going to get me healthy lickety-split.

Like, as soon as he wakes up...

Happy three-day-weekend!!

Let's remember the man who was so great he deserved a national holiday: 

"Everybody can be great
because everybody can serve
You don't have to have a college degree to serve
You don't have to make a subject and verb agree to serve
You don't have to know about Plato and Aristotle to serve
You don't have to know Einstein's Theory of Relativity to serve
You don't have to know the 2nd theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve
You only need a heart full of grace,
A soul generated by love
And you can be a servant."

--Martin Luther King, Jr.

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