Thursday, January 2, 2014

Social out-working: 14 in '14

So I mentioned in my resolution declaration to be organized in 2014 that I had a few other resolutions. Here is my fitness resolution.

I admire those bloggers who did 13 races in 2013...

It's inspired me to say NO to 14 things in 2014.

You know me! I like to get involved. I'm the first in line to sign up. I create projects...diversions...obstacles to overcome. 

The half-ironman took a lot of my mental energy and was a source of a lot of fear all last year. Once I signed up in January 2013, I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I started stepping up my normal regimen as early as March 1st with my month-long 140.6...then came the 10 miler in May, the long bike in June, the long swim in July, the short tri in August, and the long race September 8th.

I can't do that this year. I'm saying no to myself and my own crazy notions of pushing myself to new levels of crazy...lets just be fit and happy. (With a little sewing and music mixed in for flavor.)

I still have my gym membership on freeze, which costs $15 per month. Normally, it is $ if I purchase three $20 classes or Groupons per month, it's still comparable. And I may never go back...I mostly did spin and used the pool there. Since I joined that gym I have acquired a treadmill, plenty of new spin options have cropped up on the main line, we joined a pool club in the summer months, and I have discovered Villanova's Radnor friends program for the use of their pool off-hours. Win-win-win-win. 

So what I'm saying is, one of those "no" items may be the gym entirely, but what I will say yes to, is a workout invite. Going for a run or bike ride doesn't cost a thing. Groupons will be my new gym-hop. Just found this one... 

If a friend wants me to run a race with them I will, partly because I'm sick of feeling alone at the end of them, and partly because I do not want the self-imposed torture anymore. So let me know what you are up to workout-wise. My resolution will be to try to have as many social work-outs as possible, because that seems to be the best motivation for me right now. Maybe, say, 1 a week, on average? Say, 52 for the year?  Find me on MapMyRun or DailyMile to workout with me virtually [twynmawrmom, duh.] 

Social out-working 2014: yes.
Everything else: no.

And you? Saying no to anything in 2014? 


  1. Sounds like you are doing what is best for you and I am proud of you for that!

  2. Come do a social run with me! I'm not that far away...



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