Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#GoldieBlox Trial

The other day we finally tried our GoldieBlox kit! I had been intrigued by the marketing from its creator, and pre-ordered a package last Spring to help her make her 5,000 unit goal. 

I intended to give it to my daughter last Easter, but with twins you must always have 'equivalent' gifts and one thing led to another, and, well, Santa ended up bringing it to her. 

I'm glad we waited because it was a little difficult for her (and him, as we all did it together.) They did like the story that went along with it (the premise is that you are to build the spinning 'machine' along with Goldie in the book.) But in no way were they going to be distracted from: 
a) the ribbon, and pulling it this way and that,
b) the little characters, and making stories of their own, and 
c) inserting pegs into the peg-board willy-nilly.

Once we sorted through the book and the introductory design, the kids did best playing with it on their own and making their own designs. 

The ribbon, however, is supposed to wind in between the 'wheels' in such a way, that all the wheels (and characters placed on top of the wheels) turn, just from your pulling at the ribbon. 

Well, the ribbon is a little longish and cumbersome for my-just-turned-5-set, and they were often frustrated not knowing exactly how to attach it to its 'base' (via velcro, only one direction), or how to wind it through (works best if it doesn't twist.) So that would be my only criticism of this toy. 

"Wait...I just need a minute with it ON MY OWN," she says...
And although I see that they are adding new 'sets' and designs to be released soon, I think they would do well to make this compatible with other tinker toy sets, so that my children may build larger and larger 'machines', outside of the little peg board they provide.

Overall, I would recommend this toy to parents of children over the age of 5, and if you don't mind working through it with them. I think it's a great 'different' birthday present, too, if you like to give unique toys that aren't princess-related ;)

Excitement of finally figuring it out!
At the end of the day, nothing can beat the look on your kids' faces when they 'get it', and we have been experiencing this a lot lately with the added exclamation of "SCIENCE!" with various 'speriments' [experiments] throughout the house. So I had to explain to them that this was science, too, and in fact, a bit of an offshoot of science, that this was engineering and mechanics. 

Blank stares.


I'll let the videos do the rest of the illustrating...

Pre-success: Getting frustrated...

Post-success: Getting it...

Happy Snow Day! 
Have you tried any new toys lately? 
Should we get them? 

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