Friday, December 13, 2013

Your baby's looking for you #funforFriday

Snow Day this week with our little snow lovers
I had this weird idea when we were trying to conceive. It got me through some dark times, so please take it with a grain of salt. Those of you still struggling with infertility, maybe it will find you and help you as well.

I thought all babies were angels up in the sky watching us, looking down and trying to figure out the best parents for them. 

Some babies were not quite so picky. They saw a potential match and swooped on down right away. They could iron out the details later.

But then, there were the discerning children. Taking their time, sorting through all the backgrounds, the paperwork, the psych profiles...

They studied. They watched.

They made their mommies and daddies wait.

Couples who begged for the right baby to find them.

For a match, literally, made in heaven. 

And, in our case, on our lucky day, I'm pretty sure our feisty little daughter grabbed hold of her best bud's hand and said,

"There they are!! Those two are perfect for us!!" 
And we are so grateful. Blessed. And  FLABBERGASTED that it has been five years. [as of next week.]

I'm an emotional wreck!!  You know this time of year gets to me!!

Yesterday we celebrated their birthday at school 

and I got to stay around for their "Supersack Game." A child brings in something special, and the other kids have to guess what it is.

We put in their Christmas bears - the first present my husband and I ever bought them - and photos of them as preemies - when the bears were bigger than they were!!


Could not *quite* get them to understand I wanted them to pose for a comparison pic.
 It still blows my mind. 

I'm not going to make it through this birthday!!

Forgive me my lack of posts because of: my only children's birthday is a *week* before Christmas (thank goodness we got them to agree to having a party instead of presents), snow days, hosting all the holidays this year, playing Santa, losing my address book during holiday-card-season, and, to top it off, fulfilling spiderman-panties wishes for little superheroes around this world...literally!



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  1. Happy Birthday to your littles and happy birth day to you! Wish I'd thought like you when we were waiting for our boys to come along...


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