Thursday, December 19, 2013

The creepy part of homemade gifts/I quilted a piano

I believe that when we create something, a little part of us goes into that creation.


Well, being it is my twyns' fifth birthday today, I'm very in touch with that thought today. I think blogging will help with my emotional mess of a brain this morning.

So. Back to my little idea.

I'm fantasizing that when I die I will be able to watch over people through my creations that may pepper their homes.

I will be a VERY busy lady.

I'm hoping, with my recent success as an ETSY shop owner, this does not apply to things I have sewn for customers whom I don't actually know.

But when I'm quilting for a baby, which is almost always for someone I know, I begin to think about that baby and whom he or she might become.

And then thoughts surround me about that baby's life, and I get an idea of what it might be like.

Yes, I like to think of myself as a little psychic, or at least, in touch with some energies in the universe.

It's a bit of immortality-aspiration, I guess.

I remember quilting for one baby and, knowing the parents, I knew for sure that this child was going to be a child of the world. He would be a traveler, a global walker.

Well, he's only 2 now, so we'll have to wait and see... I've only been quilting since my 30th birthday, after all, so there's no sample size to test any of my theories.

And then, most recently, I had the privilege of attending a baby shower for a couple of musicians. I mean, like, serious musicians, y'all. I met them while they were receiving their doctorates in their respective instruments.

So...I quilted a piano, of course!

Because we know that music will surround that baby's world. And, in fact, his/her mama is trying to fit in two more concerts before the upcoming birth! So it already does.

I found the beginning of the pattern in the November/December 2013 issue of McCall's Quilting and it was designed by a mother/daughter team called Stitched Together Studios.

Basically I used the keyboard part of the pattern, which entails 'white' keys that are 2 1/2 inch strips (eventually cut to 4 1/2 inches each), and 'black' keys that are 1 1/2 inch strips (eventually cut to 4 1/2 inches each.) You have to remember to have a grouping of two-black-keys in between each 3-black-key grouping.
You want to sew the strips in sets of 'three black keys' or 'two black keys' and their side keys. Then, attach the lower half, which is all 2 1/2 inch strip white keys.
After you finish the top sections and bottom sections, you can sew each 'grouping' together

I surrounded two 'groupings' with 1 1/2 inch borders, then added some flannel "I love mommy/daddy" 6 inch strips.
I then surrounded the whole thing with white 6 inch strips.
Before adding the minky backing, I quilted wavy lines on the keys to highlight the piano pattern with only the top & batting.
Next step: spray baste the minky backing (I didn't want to quilt with the backing because minky is so fussy.)
I used the 'self-binding' method of folding over the backing onto the front to make it simple.
Because you know how I struggle with minky! But I couldn't resist this color combo, and the softness of minky for a newborn.
Finished size was about 46" x 34".
This mama-to-be received a lot of handmade gifts that day, so I think her baby will be surrounded by love (and music) for life.

Happy soon-to-be-birthday little music baby! 

Happy 5th Birthday my loves! 

And happy last-minute-gift-making-and-shopping to all of you! 
Are you busy with a last minute Christmas project?

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