Monday, December 30, 2013

Purge, rotate, vomit, organize: Let's prepare for 2014 #tutorial #emailclutter

If you are as blessed as we are, and happen to have a twyn birthday a week before Christmas, you are now overwhelmed with the amount of *stuff* in your house. 

We are starting to recognize the fact that we are on our way to becoming hoarders if we don't reign it in. 
One of our New Years resolutions is to "Get Organized in 2014." 

[Well what year *don't* we promise this.] 

Hubby means business this time. 

Oh, ok. [insert eye roll]

But....if I blog about it....dreams really can come true. 
Here's our plan, and I'll try to keep you motivated along with me.

Priority #1: Toys
The kids, following suit, are loathe to part with baby toys, even though they have been given many new "big kid" toys.
So in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and from now until next Christmas, I'm hoping to get rid of a few things. I'm eyeing you, Green Drop, and Moms of Multiples Sale. You are my guiding light!
The first trick was offered up by our Elf, Toby, when he arrived. He brought empty boxes with him for the kids to put in old toys they no longer wanted or used to be given to other children (He may have gotten this idea from pictures of other Elves he saw on Pinterest.) That was helpful.
I also filled the basement closet with toys I no longer see them playing with, so that if ask for them, they are available between now and the time that I get rid of them or sell them at the sale. If they don't ask for them between now and then, we're golden.
Quick & Dirty rule: If it's broken beyond repair, or lost its matching part, throw it away. If it's for age 2 and below, put it in the giveaway bin regardless of their attachment.

Priority #2: My husband's workspace
Santa brought my husband a table saw. [let's all collectively oooooh and ahhhhh.]
Because this is the key to many projects being finished in the house, the whole workspace is key to our new organizational life. So, first on the list of priorities should be to clean up all the demo-trash [i.e. old wood, sinks, there may even be a toliet in the mix...] that we have in his work area so that he can actually see and access his tools. We purchased a bagster from home depot and will fill it in the driveway over the coming weeks. Then we can start to organize what's currently down there and clear off some work surfaces for him. Then he can build my sewing area built-in's so I can get my fabric out of my closet and then put clothes in my closet and actually be able to open a drawer or two in my dresser as I clear out of it various sizes that no longer fit me even after a half-ironman so clearly will never fit me again and need to go to the needy and skinnier than I...
Oh yeah, and shelving for the kids' toys.
And other various projects he may have in his noggin [I think he wants to do something wine-related? Maybe I should ask him what his priorities are...sometime....]
Quick & Dirty rule: Things we no longer use need to go; they shouldn't be placed in the workspace purgatory. Get to know the Green Drop rules.

Priority #3: Clothes & Fabric
I received a lot of lounge pants and pjs for Christmas from my family. I can't tell if this is because they would like to see me relax more, or that they are tired of seeing me lounge in the same old things. Overall it's a scary situation because I have been asked by my daughter why I'm wearing my pajamas outside the house. But I'll take this opportunity to get rid of ones that have holes in them. We like to put them in the Planet Aid bins and the like in the parking areas around our house.
And, as I mentioned above, my fabric habit has started to take over my clothing areas so I either need to finish up a few sewing projects, start sewing my own clothes and throw out the other clothes, or get. organized.
Quick & Dirty rule: A piece of clothing comes in, a piece of clothing goes out. A piece of fabric comes in, whatever category it's 'entering' needs to be tidied up.

Yes, friends...those are my priorities...
but here's where I'm actually starting....

Priority #4: My electronic life
Don't we always take a few days around New Years to unsubscribe, as we always do, to all those newsletters we never get around to reading? But then, somehow all those websites still find us... and mama has 11,000 unread messages in her inbox (that's after my first go.) So I will be unsubscribing, as usual, but there is now also a new backup:
creating filters through gmail!

Step 1: Open an email from a sender you no longer wish to see.
Access the drop-down menu on the upper right corner and click on "Filter messages like this".

Step 2: Click on "create filter" in the lower right hand corner of the next menu.

Step 3: Choose to archive, or in my case, delete all messages from this sender, and all previous messages from this sender. This requires two 'checked boxes.'

I could use to also consolidate my blog subscriptions to one email address, and one service (bloglovin', wordpress, etc.) But I digress...
Quick & Dirty rule: Never will I ever again spend months on end not deleting items from my Inbox.

And this tidying of electronic dust-bunnies would not be complete without extending this effort to my ginormous collection of PHOTOS. I have beautiful framed photos of the first two years of their lives; but need to update. Those scrapbooks from their baby shower aren't gonna do themselves, either...
And with the calendar project for 2014 looming over its due date (I usually give a photo calendar to the grandparents for Christmas), I should really start to upload more regularly to Shutterfly. Print up a book for each vacay/trip, and have the fave photos loaded by the time I arrive at Calendar time 2015. I even set a reminder years past to do this on the 30th of every month and I snooze snooze snooze.
Quick & Dirty rule: Whenever a pic is facebook-share or text-share worthy, I will also upload it to Shutterfly at the same time in an album called "Share-worthy."

I have at least two other resolutions to improve my (as-of-late) lazy ways! I'll share them in another post. 
What's yours? 


  1. Good for you! I'm pretty good about getting the things out of my box that I dont want to read. I do have a tendency to hang on to things that I *might* want to read longer than I should. If anything lives longer than 6 months, it is dumped. :)

  2. The whole "create filter" thing... is a godsend otherwise my email would be even worse than it already is!


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