Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My husband is magic #Christmas

I would be remiss if I called myself a mommy blogger and I did not post something about our Elf on the Shelf, no? 

Well the beauty of our household is that, my husband is actually the one who is super into it. 

Our Elf, Toby, isn't naughty; he doesn't do tricks or ride a zipline from the tree; he doesn't play with Barbies or toliet paper the bathroom. 

But he does leave poems for the children.

So much so, that the children look forward to finding Toby's poems (about once a week) just as much as finding Toby.

And to this, I credit the magic of Santa.

I know that I grew up loving Santa and Christmas, but I had no idea the level of Christmas love in my husband's heart. 

He has specific rules for Santa's gifts: they are not wrapped, they are toys, and they are usually fully functioning and set up when the children thunder downstairs. 

So, for instance, last year when the children received a set of blocks, there was a cool building design, already there, waiting to inspire them. 

So when the township notified us that Santa could actually come around one evening, a week early, in the firetruck, and bring an actual present to each child, we jumped at the chance. My husband missed Santa's arrival by 10 minutes, sadly, but he did get to smell the resulting fresh "we believe" scent that lingered in the air for the next few hours and days. 

I now realize why we all hold dear to Santa: it fuels the imagination of each child, and each child within us. 

And so, I will not plagiarize all of my husband's work today, but I will leave you with his - I mean - Toby's - final poem this year: 

A & C, it's been another great year; 
Your kindness and niceness has filled me with Cheer
How I love watching you, as you laugh and you play; 
But for this Christmas season, today's my last day.

I'll miss you my friends, but please don't be blue;
Santa Claus is coming with toys for you two.
And to give you your chances for that special gift,
I've left you something to give Santa's sleigh a lift.

Reindeer food is magic, it helps them to fly; 
and pull Santa's sleigh through the Christmas Eve sky.
Sprinkle it on your yard and the reindeer will see,
That Santa leaves you extras, under the tree.

Til next year twyns, I bid you farewell;
And I leave you one more gift, this small silver bell.
If you miss me before I return next year, 
Just ring this bell and I'll be sure to hear.

Then tell me if you're happy or angry or blue,
Or if you're just lonely, I can listen to you.
I love you my Family, but my home's far away; 
So keep being good and have a Merry Christmas Day.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from our home to yours!


  1. awww, the only not-creepy elf ever. Well, mostly not creepy. OK, still creepy. hahahahaha, I read too many horror novels. :)

    Seriously - Merry Christmas. Sounds like a wonderful time for your family. :)

  2. I love it! Go Chris! Merry Christmas to the Fleming's!!!! Miss you!!!

  3. That is the cutest thing ever!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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