Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Audition Report #3

I am not very traditional looking, traditional acting, nor traditional sounding, so I was rather intrigued when I read a posting asking for submissions for a new workshop production in town centering around women's body issues. The song they sent us for the callback, should we receive a callback, because it would have been the next day and they were being kind enough to give us more than 24 hours with the song, used the refrain "Healthy and Fat."

Yep. Seems like my kind of part!

But alas, it was not to be. I did not get the callback. And, in fact, when I read the monologue, and started to play through the song, I realized I would not be getting the callback before I even walked in the door of the audition room.

Let me start at the beginning, sorry...

Exceptionally strong singer-actors and actor-singers, Equity or Non-Equity.

As singers they must be versatile and able to sing a rangy, contemporary

musical theater score. Actors must be versatile: they will need to play a

variety of characters that span a wide range of dramatic and comic.

Seeking creative actors who bring ideas to the table and are willing to

experiment with the material.


Woman #1: Late 30’s to early 40’s, carries some weight, any ethnicity.
So I submitted and got an appointment.

Later that week, the casting director emailed us a monologue & song that would be used for the callbacks, should we get called.

The monologue was spoken word. Not my forte. I mean, I am totally down with contemporary theatre...it's my jam! But I don't think I can do spoken word. People that can pull that off do not necessarily say "it's my jam" about anything. They are on a cooler level than I.

The song was...also a bit of spoken word, I believe. I meticulously spent about two hours entering every single note into my composition software just so my beautiful computer could 'play' it for me. It was a cute song, but then it gets very sprechstimme at the end [the original spoken word - dialogue written to music, like in an opera.] So, it's a rant on top of a melody.

So, I just had a feeling it was not for me. My friend had actually got a "oh we were going to call you!' when she submitted for an audition, and that made me think I was not on the short list. [cuz I wasn't.]

Anywho...I really like this casting director so I wanted to get a head start on this audition season with some hot new material and show her that I'm not just TwynMawrMom circa 1998. I am totally 2010. Well, at least 2008....

They asked for two songs [32 bars each], one that was contemporary and showed range, and one that was comedic, and a 1-2 minute monologue. I prepared two new pieces and was half-thinking of rehearsing a new monologue but throughout the busy weekend I quickly realized I would be dredging up one of my old tired monologues and on the drive to the city I changed my mind about the new comedic piece. It was not funny! This may or may not have been aided by my parents in the car who were trapped and listening to me rehearse and warm up, and their reactions. So I drove the 10 minutes back to my house and picked up my old stand by, The Last Five Years [never will I ever leave the house without Jason Robert Brown again], and speedily got back on course.

Perhaps not so speedy, because I was five minutes late, had to pee, and was completely flustered when I entered the audition room in the Walnut rehearsal spaces and approximately 10 people looked like they had been waiting for me for hours.

I ended up singing a new piece, "Woman" from Pirate Queen, and the high notes were not so pretty at 10 am. It fell flat. It could have roused the whole joint, but alas, they did not hear me roar.

I fell back in love with "Summer in Ohio" from The Last Five Years after it got a few laughs out of the panel.

Then I brought it home with my silly pieced together monologue from Company. It is a dialogue of sorts, but it totally makes sense if you just say one character's lines, because the character of Marta does not listen to a single word any one else has to say in the play. It worked for the room.

No words. Not so much as a 'thank you.' Just the same look on all of their faces as when I walked in; as if to say,
"We're waiting."
I ran to Starbucks [you're shocked] and texted my friend that there was about 40 people in the room. She texted me 'come back' because she had her appointment right at that time. So I walked back over to hear her audition [through the doors] and offer moral support. She, and the girl before her, sounded good and were asked to re-sing one of their pieces with some new direction from the panel.

More attention than I got.

I quickly realized, they were not 'waiting' for me at all this morning...they were waiting for girls who may have been a little bit 'healthily fatter' than I.

Um...did you not see how much leftover pumpkin pie I ate last night?

Have y'all gotten the egg nog out yet?! 
Oh my...I love it so...with a little bourbon...MMMM!

In conclusion: 
I'm going to keep working through "Woman" and bring it up to speed for January-March auditions. 

Perhaps work on that new monologue I picked out.

Hope 2014 is a good year to hire some twyn mommy singahs 'round here...

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  1. That is a totally sucky feeling... knowing that it is not going well in the middle of it. You made it through the whole thing though - that took a lot. Next time :)


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