Friday, December 6, 2013

10 Best Gifts for Your Favorite Twin Mommy #funforFriday

A countdown, just cuz...

10. A photo of her with the twyns where she does not look like an awkward gargoyle while she tries to stabilize one and make the other one smile at the same time.

9. Room-by-room organizational systems and the strength to maintain them. Check with this lady.

8. A time machine that allows her to fast forward through potty training, and rewind to baby coos whenever she needs them.

7. Elf-on-the-Shelf moving service.

6. A right-hand-diamond ring. I mean, you can't blame a mama for trying...

5. The dishes. DO. THE. DISHES.

4. Silence. When the credit card bill arrives.

3. Coffee IV-drip.

2. In-law translator.

1. Just one day in a magical place where conflict does not exist, everyone dresses themselves, brushes their own teeth, wipes their own asses, puts themselves to sleep and settles in for TWELVE. HOURS. OF UNINTERRUPTED. SLEEP.

Thanks, Santa!

Did I miss something? Tell me what's on your list!

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