Monday, November 25, 2013

What you're missing

You know those cute little intro's at the beginning of every episode of Glee where they quickly recap everything that you've missed so you're all caught up whether you wanted to be or not? Here's my version.

While I'm preparing for the role of my life on Thanksgiving day as Martha-Stewart-wannabe I've begun and not completed several blog posts:

A tale of two stockings (hyuk hyuk)
I am the only member of my family of four without a stocking, so I decided to use the bag of old holey sweaters and make one for myself.
Mine's the one in the middle
Then I realized I attached the lining all wrong and it'll never hang quite right, so I started a second one for my mother-in-law using this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew and everything came out perfectly.
That's cashmere, bitches.
So I'm starting a third one for my mama! Wonder how many years it will take me to complete the entire family...

I think this would have been a great post for that "12 days of Christmas" blog hop or "Me projects", and yet, here are two photos and that's all you get.

Flywheel is craywheel.
Or crywheel.
Yeah, crywheel is better.
"Because you have several ways in which you would like to measure your own weaknesses."
Let's just say my bestie and I tried it and there were WAY too many ways to measure yourself in there (and your output.) The "torq-board", or leaderboard they occasionally flash on the screens, helped assure me a spot in the race for last, and proved my bestie shoulda put her name in the ring, as usual...[she would have crushed everyone, but whatevs.]
This would have been a nice fitness post, since I haven't had one in awhile and I know you guys were looking for a workout, just like my a$$! [may have been limping down the stairs later that day.]

Audition Reports to come
I'm working hard on some new pieces! For once, I know. They are not even 15 years old. They are, like, younger than the children! It's amaze-balls.
Audition the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend: not great.
Getting a headstart on my 2014 audition season material: priceless.

Boxes upon boxes.
The shop is heating up already for the holidays! I've been doing a lot of holiday shopping online so if I open a box and it's not a toy, but rather, some supply purchases, I'm like WTF...
Blog-followers, please enjoy 20% off during the holidays with coupon code HOLIDAY.

Yes, the shop has been super busy and yet, this happened.
Star Wars Pajamas for Baby Doll Boys??

Whatever makes him happy. That's what I do.
Hubby finished a project. Like, finished-finished. Not even HGTV-finished. Super-duper-mouldings-nailed-in-and-painted finished.
I mean, wouldn't a before and after montage be nice?'re getting this.

This girl: songstress.
I've been OBSESSED with my daughter's dance education lately.
I made her try another school, I've been attempting bribes...she just loves gymnastics. 


I have to let go of my projection of my love for dance onto her. Let her take gymnastics. Now, as for music-songwriting-singing...funny: I never even thought about it. I guess because I had no formal education before college...but there's something in her, for sure.

"And that's what you've missed on GLEE from ME!"

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